Sunday, 10 August 2008

Curry Laksa @ Restaurant Ah Chow, Ipoh

Last week was my trip back to Ipoh and naturally any trip back to ipoh is indulging in eating. (Fatness first here i come ). Breakfast is usually a time we explore new places to eat, so dad suggested a new curry noodles place along Jalan Bandar Timah in Ipoh. It is the same row as Restaurant CT and my other favourite curry noodles place.

It is a very plan sounding restaurant compared all th
e loong and the sins around here. It's simply called Restaurant Ah Chow. Inside this seriously small and confined space you have 2 stalls. One selling other noodles, while the main stall sells - Curry Noodles :) When i first saw the siew yoke on the curry noodles - i grinned. Dad ordered 4 bowls of the same stuff - curry with mee hoon and mee. The necessary order of ipoh white coffee was a must - i must admit i was so sleepy that morning without the white coffee i would have keeled of the floor.

Finally, the noodles came and the smell of curry wa
s quite ahem... like a whiff of perfume for me. It is not as small as the one i at my normal breakfast place. Wah..... i was think can i finish this bowl ah.
Let's go to the taste assessment .... Curry hotness- more than my favourite place. Lots of Peppermint. me likes. Eaten with the curry it actually dulls the heat of the curry. Lots of chicken breast- i like as well - i hate bones and big prawn. ( Plural ) Favourite place has no prawn. Char Siew is shredded here ( hmmm there had big pieces of char siew ) and HORROR! No siew yoke. I thought i was the one missed out but no, dad, mom and Lil Bro' did not have siew yoke as well. I guess that is extras i need to order :(. Was quite disappointed nevertheless it did not stop me from eating.

Did you know, not every place puts peppermint leaves in their curry noodles?

Even though, this is not as well known as other places for Curry noodles it had a steady stream of customers to this place ordering Curry Laksa. If you are not into hot stuff, there are other things you can try like Clay Pot noodles, wantan mee or ching tong noodles. I was quite stuff actually after this big bowl of noodles. Cost of breakfast - less than 20 bucks inclusive of drinks - Ipoh is cheap :)

Anyway, if you are dying to try curry noodles in Ipoh, you can drop by this place:

Restaurant Ah Chow,
Jalan Bandar Timah, (ipoh old town)
Ipoh, Perak

PS: Come early. It gets crowded fast.

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