Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Am very proud of my friend adrian!!! i was reading his message to one day in FB and found out his blog is now featured in - He started blogging 3 months ago focusing on interior decorations ( i never knew guys were interested in this too :P ) and wow, he has taken it up a level. Congrats adrian! :) Now i am just dying to see how his house looks like in desapark city!! By the way his blog is How's House


  1. Desa Park city is a nice place.
    Just that it's too far from my work place.

    Congrats to your friend as well.

    Anyway, we had a new kitten in the house. Think it is still craving for milk because when we fed him whiskas, he couldn't eat that much. While I was sitting outside just now enjoying the morning breeze, he crawled up to me and nibble on my nipple. Hehe. :D

  2. thanks very much! It really was a surprise for me when the folks from approached me about having me feature in their site. definitely a positive step forward for

    as for my place, you can come by anytime to take a look at it. i plan to post some pics of it now that i've joined the dlsr gang. major reno works all done, so it's now pretty much down to finding decorative items to fill the house with- a process that never ends i guess.



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