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DeFoodland - 30 varities of crap, i mean crab...

i am so addicted to the tvb drama - heart of greed

Hah, weird title heh... 30 varities of crab (kewab). And we only ordered 3 types and i took only 2 pictures! Our usual makan gang was looking for places to makan when CG came back from down under. We always need an excuse to go an eat. And as usual. i am the organizer. My delegation skills is sorely lacking here.

Well this is quite an usual outing for us. Why? First time all of us ventured to what mc calls "JINJANG LAND" lol. Our usual is PJ, KL, bangsar. But when i suggested DeFoodland at BANDAR MENJALARA every1 went huh??? No offense to people in Jinjang but with 50% of the team being PJ people this was a far!

Secondly - dinner was at 8, about 1/2 of us had GPS. Even me. But 1/2 of us got lost or very confused for some.... Common comments- "Hey - how come there
is a Taman Cuepacs here?? am i in Cheras?" or.... "where is the bloody 62b?" { this was me } hehehe. When everyone arrived, there were alot of confused and puzzled faces. Remind me next time - location restriction - PJ/KL hehehehe

NY and i arrived 1st and second being the latest to leave the office while Walking Contradiction the latest of the lot to leave arrived a commendable 3rd! This was with gps. Cool tool leh.

While waiting for the rest to arrive- we ordered. 30 VARIETIES means 30 ways of cooking them kewabs. Their famous ones being - black stout CRAB, Creamy butter crab and hot and spicy crab, so NY being NY wanted ALL. Luckily i stopped him - Aiyo, we might have ended up all kewabbed.

This shop in a very quiet corner was suprisingly packed and had a steady stream of customers. I am thinking either better than King Crab or just that people in this area has strange tastes. Now,... if you are ordering 3 plates of crabs- please. Get a bigger table. We had to pile up our plates in order to fit all the dishes.

First up- instead of the crab- we had - XO Pork Ribs. Ah, finally pork. Have not been eating pork at home a lot so i was pretty pleased to order pork. However, the size of the serving for 8 people, made me twist my eyebrows like how the rock does his.

Taste wise it is not bad but i felt we could do with a few more pieces of it. Oh well, since we had a lot of other dishes, i didnt complain so much. Our standard order of veggie - which is ... i think this is yau mak. Quite excellent i must say. However, size wise, it is not big enough, the plate went round the table and there is no second round for everyone.

Prawns was up next and instead of actually calling for creamy/butter/fried prawns, i pick the prawns cooked in supreme chinese wine. I like this dish! The sauce was pleasant without being overwhelming and the use of wolfberry with this was an excellent combination.

The supposed star of the show finally arrived - the kewabs. First up black stout crabs. I seem to be pretty addicted to food that has a good douse of alcohol in it. :) Anyway, taste wise it is not bad but what i find, it could be i am too much into King Crab, but the flesh of the crab is not as good as King Crab. Why? The flesh instead of being one big piece, it comes out in small pieces. Is that a sign of being not so fresh or it is a small crab. There were some comments around the table that this was so-so and nothing so spectacular. Quite true i find it.

The second dish was the creamy butter crab, you need to have mantou with this so you can dip the sauce with it. The quality of the crab meat was the same as the previous dish. Even the sauce, some how i find the kick quite lacking in this dish. However, compared to the black stout, this was more popular to everyone.

Ok, no pics of the hot and spicy- because my fingers were dirty, and i also forgot about it. :P. Anyway, again, nothing so great about it. But still- we had champion crab eaters, JS was tops, followed by CG i think or was it me. The big pile of crab shells shows that even thought it didnt taste so great- we still eat. (Bottomless pits we are)

I must say i was slightly a bit disappointed in this place. Although there are 30 varieties, the taste is actual only so so. However, the company of people we were with, made up for it. It was good to catch up after such a long time.

For those who are interested in trying 30 varieties and my have a different taste buds than my group, you can go to the defoodland webby. Or those who like maps like me - can use the address below- hehehe

Restaurant Defoodland:

25 & 27, Jalan 3/62b Bandar Sri Menjalara
52200, Kuala Lumpur.

P/S: NY wants to make some one transfer out so we can go king crab again. This is scary.

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