Sunday, 3 August 2008

Beef balls & durians??

It is an extremely hot weekend in Ipoh. :( Though it was relaxing, sweating ain't fun. While i was busy downloading the ipoh food pics, i was wondering what i could put up on my blog this week.

So.. i found a picture of beef ball noodles hidden some where, taken with
my new baby (wOOt) and some durian pics taken with my new baby (double w00t) only that the durian pics did not turn out so ok. Hand shaking because of the durians - lol...

Beef ball noodles are another one of my hawker favorites and i am fond of the dark soup noodle kind. Some BBN's come in clear soup. The one in Damasara Utama, has clear soup. With ham choy cut in small pieces. Dark soup variety i taste a hint of white radish, with beef bones as the base of the soup. There is some herbs inside as well but i cannot really tell what is used.

I found such a shop in USJ 14. On the same row as Seven 11 but behind. It is a corner shop, with a small stall for beef ball noodles. I think this guy is from Tangkat Johor. Any hoo... Select your choice of noodles. You can either have bihun, yellow noodles or hor fun. Preference is for BiHun, mix with yellow noodles. Some how, bihun absorbs the taste much better.

If you don't favor the meat pieces + offals ( stomach, plus muscles ) you need to tell this uncle. Otherwise the biasa order contains these 3 offerings. I opted only for pure beef balls. Sorry can't stomach ( no pun intended ) offals and stuff. Good beef ball noodles normally comes with a great chilli sauce. Sadly uncle needs to improve on his chilli sauce. I prefer the cow lady's chilli sauce which is fresh chilli chopped up with garlic, ginger, lime and bird's eye chill all meshed up. Taste wise, aside from the chilli. Is good :) i have been back here a few times to do a take out for beef noodles.

Note to those who cannot stand hot, hot restaurants such as this. It is steaming in this place. Also this place is frequented by a lot of ah bengs for some reasons so be prepared to be whistled at or stared at.

How to get there:
Look for USJ 14 and head to the petronas that is in front of the smart school. Look for the row behind the seven 11 and it is the corner restaurant. Sorry cannot remembe
r the name of the shop.
It is a thorny issue.

So what has durian got to do with beef noodles? Nothing actually. I didnt want the post to look so plain, so i threw in a durian post as well. Durians as we all know are in season, besides the usual D24, we have some rather unusual ones that popped like UDANG MERAH? MUSANG KING?? Ok, so i haven't been eating durian regularly. This year though, the harvest is abundant and i pestered dad to get some last week at the pasar tani near my house. So, what i wanted? Udang Merah lah. Why eat d24 when i got stranger names. True to it's name, it is udang merah because the texture is slightly red compared to the usual pale yellow. And the taste, my favorite. It is bitter sweet. See below? Urgh this is an awful shot.

That is my thumb print marking the fleshy piece - iz mine..........

I think i had durian 4 times already this month, with my first time trying the MUSANG king. The Bentong Musang King is awesome, thanks to lil bro who got my earlier hint ( i wan musang king, i wan musang king, i wan musang king, i wan musang king, i wan musang king, i wan musang king).

Not sure about the one my big boss brought down from his dusun.Maybe the taste was very chap after i ate too many types at one go. And guess what, Russell now loves durian. He cannot wait to get the small bits of it after we finish. I hope he doesnt have cholestrol issues later - LOL. BTW, Beef ball noodles and durian should not be eaten together. My doggie is a spoiled puppy. Hehehe


  1. i will take the durian home and eat the beef noodle! lol!

  2. aiyah u all... don't get tummy ache later kakaka



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