Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Home made pork chop :) neko mama lups neko

I havent been eating out much recently as work has gotten me into a pretzel shape. Not very pretty one btw. It was pretty bad last week where we had to work saturday and sunday to rectify an issue. Mental note readers -DO NOT submit your child to work in the IT industry. It equals - LONG HOURS. VERY LONG HOURS, if they insist, tell them about the long long hours. And.... too sweet a starbucks will drive you 'nanas.

Anyway, after eating about 2-3 times mac d in a day, i wanted to stop thinking of mac d and found in my lap top pictures of my mom's pork chop. Mc D fans- sorry. i just don't like fast food, yucky, yucky and yucky. Except the ice-cream. That's all.

Her pork chop is a real pick me up. Made up of lean meat and very hainanese. She is not hainanese by the way but something her mom thought her. And her mom learnt it from her hainanese neighbour. Who owns a ... restaurant. Well, we normally serve it a few ways in my house 1) with bread, western style along with peas and potatoes the lot. 2) As a dish, whip up a sauce, slice the pork thinly, fry some thinly slice potato and you can eat it with rice. 3) Sometimes mom makes a sandwhich for me with this.

Basic ingredients
* Pork, she uses yoke ngan ( i think for this ), use the back part of the knife to tenderize the meat ( good stress reliver )

* Soy sauce
* Mustard
* Sugar
* Corn flour.

Mix the ingredients and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so. The mix will absorb
better sitting in the fridge. Well, now is the fry fry bit. Take some corn flour, coat your pieces of meat and slow fry it in oil. Now mom is ANTI fat. So frying is a slow process for her. Just so we don't get cholestrol. Fry until it becomes nice and golden brown. Like below. The smell of mustard, mix with soy and sugar actually is quite an amazing thing.
For a family of 4 cats, we normally eat about this much pork, yes it is a lot of pork. Pork and away .......... if i am late for dinner ( which is normal ) mom normally saves a few pieces for me and choice pieces as well - hah! dad - no steal my pork.

Mom promises this for dinner this weekend :) to cheer me up ( the walking around in the house looking like a kiong si certainly helps drive the hint across)... neko mama lups neko! :)

Oh, btw, this works for chooks as well and i tried it on my own when i was living overseas. Darn easy to make and extremely tasty. You can make extra, save it in the fridge and defrost for later meals.


  1. Looks really tender. Yummy! What kind of mustard does your mum use?

  2. Surely it looks good.
    But isn't that a lot? You must have a big family.

  3. It is .. about 20+ pieces.... but there is only 4 of us in the family. hehehe

  4. Looks deliciuos! Mustard as in those this yellow mustard???

  5. Hi family first, yups, it is yellow mustard



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