Sunday, 22 June 2008

No more 3rd party food review - Curry Laksa in Ipoh

Meow Notes: my mom is busy yelling at me not to scratch my sunburn. How can something be painful and itchy at the same time. Calamine lotion is god sent... looking pink is also not very fashionable.

It's amazing sometimes you can go back home time more than once :). I went back a week ago to attend my gf's wedding. At the same time my aunty and cousin from Singapore dropped by. ( Aunty is a lean mean eating machine for someone who is 70+ ) Now, for her, eating in ipoh is like she reached - food heaven. Compared to prices and sizes in singapore, Ipoh is cheap in a whole lot of ways.

So, on Saturday, she wanted curry noodles. Ipoh, has a few places that has famous curry noodles. One near the old police station that has moved across the road. (Also known
as the super hot one ) For me, it is still the one in jalan bukit timah. Less famous but equally tasty as well as it won't burn your tongue off. <>

I reviewed this place before -but only ate the wantan meen not the curry noodles. Since my tummy was behaving fine and i was hungry, i decided to try curry noodles for my self.

Some finer points of eating curry noodles at this shop:
1) Come early for breakfast - 9:00am is not considered early. 8:00am is a good time
2) Do not confuse the cook with too many variations. Don't like it - take it out.
3) Wear black t-shirts. ( that's me. Miss Splatter )

4) If he forgets your order, remind him. Dun grumble ( that is for my mom ) hehehe.

So why the title 3rd party food review- well? cause i always don't
eat this dish but i review on behalf of the eater. I normally cannot take curry during breakfast. But today, tummy was behaving so i thought i will try it.

Curry laksa in ipoh is different from those in kl. The use of peppermint leaves is quite common here and actually enfuses the flavors more. And, they use a lot of pork as well ( i hear cheers ). Siew Yoke and char siew is generously added with chicken and prawns. Now, can you get any
better than that? We ordered 4 bowls of noodles, 2 mee hoon and mi, the other two kway teow.

While bringing your order, you can smell the curry already. <>sert drool > Some how i think curry goes better with mee and bee hoon not kway teow. However, i dun care, the soup is the same. The portion is not that huge, of course this is breakfast.

Check out the nice pieces of siew yoke and the dark char siew. Hey this char siew is as good as those in meng kee. Yumz.... And the part of a prawn which got cut off by my camera.

Not satisfied by curry noodles, my aunty decided she wanted the fried kuay teow. My cousin and i asked her quickly- hey you eating it yourself or you are just trying? She says she is getting a plate for all of us to share. O_o. I was very full already. For someone much older than me she can really pack a lot in her belly. The funny thing about Ipoh CKT is this, er.. chilli is not fried with it, comes on a side plate. Though the noodles had the "wok hei" people like, but i still find that if the chilli is fried with it, the flavor is more enhanced. Anyway, we still finished it. After much egging from someone. Can you imagine after breakfast, my aunt went to kampung simee to look for more things to eat? ... *RESPECT*

Oh by the way, their ching tong noodles is not bad as well. If you have whimpy stomach like mine in the morning. Anyway do try it when you are in Ipoh :) And so ends my review- finally, no third party review. I actually tried the curry noodles.

The Locale:
Restaurant Xin Yuan Foong
Jalan Bukit Timah,
Ipoh, Perak


  1. **Salivating**

    The curry looks good.
    Err, where's Jalan Bukit Timah? I would need a map.

  2. hahahha I am a curry noodle crazy!!! I guess it is a trade mark for being ipoh mali!



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