Saturday, 21 June 2008

Restaurant Seoul Korea

Meow Notes: Who said pain is good??? After the WWR - gosh, my butt, hand, legs every aches..... however it was all good fun. Anyone interested in going White Water Rafting in Malaysia- check out Nomad adventures. They have the beginners to the very difficult ones. Besides getting a good work out... i got sunburnt as well. This is one very marmalade kitteh.

Well, i finally did more eating than normal. Been going to the gym more often - often is translated to try to be twice a week for a 30 minute run or 15 minutes run and another 20 on the cross trainer. Sorry, am not those that like to slave on these machines for like a good 1 or 2 hours but as long as my heart gets good work out i am there :). Plus an hours yoga on the weekend ( i feel like a pretzel today ).

In between these exercise times, i manage to find time to stuff some food in my mouth. I have not caught up with mashi for some time now, since..... king crab ( oops i forgot to post this one ) and she busy with her MBA and akachan to be.. while me... busy with work and gym. So we decided to do a girlie catch up near a korean restaurant near her place.

When i mentioned korean food to my parents - they cringed. Poor dears. Their korean food experience was not so great. Except bibimbap :) they like this crackling rice pot.

I find that taman desa is like the second korean town in KL. There is more than one korean place you can eat here, first one being nak won and second Restaurant Seoul Korea. Yes, Seoul Korea. Firstly, let me tell you, i hate the parking in this place. If you can, CARPOOL. I parked where i should not be parking because there is no space... :P.

Seoul Korea is like any typical korean joint in town, with the brown wood feel to ensure you are like in a korean home. They hire waiters that normally i am not sure where they are from ( korea is definitely not one of them ) and with the amount of korean people in the restaurant ( eating not manning the store ) means this is one of the better joints.

Since we are left with no men that day, Mashi and i kept the order minimal. Pity we forgot,
korean food comes with a lot of appetizers (banchan). And lucky we stuck to 2 dishes. I was hankering for the pancake ... next time, must get NY to get another korean makan session going. I will keep the drooling for the pancake later first.

My normally must order dishes in korean restaurant is jap chae and bibimbap. So we put that in and waited out or order... when suddenly the waiter bought the banchan ... heck i forgot about this, about 10-12 dishes of appetizers that comes before a meal. Hmm at one point i wondered if i could stomach all the food. So here are some shots of the banchan.

Section 1

Section 2
Section 3

I quite like the cucumber one in section 2's pictures. LOOKS hot but is not ... :) it's also a bit sweet that is why i like it. I like the fish cake items as well but it was a bit cold ( cud be that is the correct way to eat it ) There were even cockles served with something on top but was not touched by the both of us for various reasons. (One was dying to touch, the other dying not to touch this stuff - hehehe )

By the time i tried MOST of the items, i was quite stuffed. The jap chae was served piping hot from the work. Mmmm .... nice smell. It looks like our chinese tong fun in a gluey mesh served with vegetables and in this case - fish cake... This must be eaten warm, if you leave it a bit cold, doesnt taste as good. This place does a better version of Jap Chae then nak won in the same area.

Next that came was the bibimbap. I am glad i only stuck to 2 dishes cause the jap chae was already huge. When the bibimbap came, it was equally large... Sometimes, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Actually the picture below is the meshed up version, before it came, it was nicely decorated. :P With lots of beef ( i think ) , egg, mushroom, carrots and other veggie, this is actually quite a full meal on it's own. Taste wise, maybe my taste buds were already filled with jap chae, this was a pretty mild taste. Could be i was also stuffed with everything else.

Well, we couldn't finish all our food, becks had some take away from us. After dinner, we were served a chilled ginger and barley drink. This was awesome. Who knew this 2 can be such a combination. I can't remember how much our dinner costs, below 100 i guess, but with the size of the dishes it is not so bad.

I will come back and try their beef next time, as BBQ requires a bigger group to be more worth it.

Restaurant: Seoul Korea
Location: Taman Danau Desa
Same row as the Woo Pin Fish head noodles ( the shop behind )

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