Monday, 30 June 2008

Michaelangelo's Kitchen - .... where is da vinci?

Names of restaurants now have taken a whole new meaning... some are plainly - boring where else some sounds as if it comes from the movies. So, when i found michaelangelo's kitchen, i was as usual amused. Why? Started me thinking of .. da vinci code and naturally' michaelangelo's famous - DAVID :) and ... that painting that is so famous in Sistine Chapel.

That painting pretending to be a menu.

Sadly, there was no david, but the painting appeared as the menu :) and in many places in the restaurant. Michaelangelo's italian kitchen is a situated in Sunway Pyramid new wing. Closes to the entrance of Sunway lagoon, this is one of the middle range italian places that are more common. I never turn down a request to eat italian food. :) Besides japanese, i like italian, spanish and .. ok i like food lah.
The interior is decorated like a typical italian restaurant/ house. Luckily - there is no red and white check table cloth. That would be so... cliched. You can, if you want, eat outside in the open air. I prefered inside. No need to watch all the lovey dovey couples staring at you eating *sticks tongue out*. Also if you are feeling bored you can watch the cooks cook in their open kitchen. It sounds like the other former pasta place known as fasta pasta- where open kitchens are a place you can observe how your pasta is made.

Choices are quite vast in this place, you have many varieties to pick from so much so at one point i was not sure what i really wanted to eat. My choices are more towards the olio and
the tomato based sauce, where is Lil Bro normally likes his creamy.

Our first order, garlic bread. Not bad. Slightly burnt on the side that could be improved upon. Presenting customer with slightly burnt bread to me is a no no.

One order of mushroom soup. Now, can based soups are a thing of a pass. Now, soup is nice, creamed and not the can soup feel. This comes in a nice size bowl. Plus the bread on top - is a plus point for me.

So our mains came and Lil bro's order of Chicken Alfredo came up first. I was a bit suprise when i saw this. Never knew Alfredo is so... watery. The ones i have seen in the usual places have cream much more thicker. I did take a table spoon of this, taste wise it is not bad. Just looks not so presentable if it is too soupy and messy.

I like mine - healthy or veggie filled for that day. Frankly i cannot remember the name of this dish *sad*. However, i recalled there is dried chilli flakes, lots of veggie ( which could be cut smaller ) and alot of chicken added. Note, more soupy-ness. My goodness, i think the cook loves to have things with "chup". Taste wise not bad. A bit spicy and not very oily as in cream based - i am ok with this.

Compared to other places like NEROVIVO or Italiannes ( which is still tops in my pops ), this place still has a long way to go. Service wise is a bit slow as well. I kinda did some waving, followed by some more gesturing before the waiter did notice me. However when they did, they were pretty helpful.

Price wise- for these dishes plus coffee for me and bro, is below RM100. Reasonable -but needs upgrade on presentation and less soupy-ness. There is a difference between pasta and soup noodles :) Will i return? Probably- i want to try their prawn pasta and when i do not want to pay nerovivo prices. So far i have eaten italian that is:
- easy on the budget- like Pizza Uno
- More italian - like Allegro
- bordering on being aussiefied - Fasta Pasta
- Slightly more up class - like italiannes
- To more on fine italian - Nerovivo.
Need to add more in these categories man :)

Anyway, those who are curious to try- do check out below: [ i must return to my national geographic now - they are showing - Forbidden City -- ooh]

The Locale:
Italian Kitchen
OB3.LG1.7 & OB3.LG1.8,
Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Mall, 3 Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, Selang


  1. It does look good.
    Yum yum.

    Too bad Pyramid is really far from here.

  2. Well, once in a while trip loh. Like me - i seldom go pavillion. Too far for me. they have nice food there but then i am so lazy to go there.

  3. Anonymous1:55 am

    well . the second main course is called grilled chicken primavera =)



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