Sunday, 29 June 2008

Economy Noodles :) ... Leung Kee in USJ 9

Do you all remember a long time ago, where noodles shop were very popular? i am not talking about the wantan noodle stall you see in a mixture of other restaurants. But speciality shops like the following:

* Koon Kee

* Ho Weng Kee
* Leung Kee
* Another one i cannot remember in DU, formerly the same r
ow as Maybank ( upper )

I remember that these were the more common places i used to eat when i was the small. ( choices of food were little then ) We also frequented these pla
ces because, well it is easier to appease me with noodles than rice. i am not really a rice person. oOoh when i was young, Ho Weng Kee was my fav. Has great leong sui to drink. And also price wise, it is still the cheapest food around depending on what you put on it.

However, i have not been to these places until recently. Why? well, eating now has taken a whole new level with my family. Not only you must makan, you must go jalan jalan after the makan-makan. That is why 1U and all are so popular now. Rarely we now just go eat and comeback. However, this day is slightly different. Little bro was down with german measles and being fussy. We had to go
to 1U Poh Kong to buy wedding gifts. So, we were at 1u at 10am. Negotiated our way to get nicer priced wedding gifts ( which by the way is not for me ) and it was time for lunch.

El fusspot was not very keen on the food choices to take out from 1U so dad suggest Leung Kee after remembering Angel from 5 meals a day mentioning all the noodles shop.

So on the way back we tau paued Leung Kee in USJ9 Taipan area. Right opposite the car park. It is quite some time since i have eaten here . I normally do not favor this place because i find the noodles have a bit too much kan siu which makes my tummy party with out me. Not to be labeled fussier than el fusspot, i decided to try.

The noodles are pretty good sized and i choose the charsiew meen as my choice, dad took his favourite, dry curry noodles, kai see for el fusspot and kai see + mushrooms for mom. (Notice: they share same choice of food ).. Oh btw - dun get so excited everyone, not a lot of pictures in this post.

The char siew is so - so, not fantastic but not bad. Nothing beats meng kee ( see, another kee ). The noodles were quite good. Al dente :) Ok, no tummy problems as i ate an apple right after this to balance of the alkaline in the noodles. Quite a satisfying meal. On top of it, you can order their famous siu kow in 6s or 8s depending on how big your pit is.

One thing is for LK they don't serve rice. Ho Weng Kee and Koon Kee can serve you rice or variants of noodles such as hor fun, mee hoon etc. They don't do rice here. Pure noodles variety.

So if you want something reasonable and filling check out:

Restaurant Leung Kee
Opp Taipan car park, next to a police station.

Parking is hell by the way :P

P/S: Blogging is slow this week as work is quite stressful recently and my comet ( dog ) has been hospitalized in doggie hospital for stones. Besides shuffling about to visit him and packing for a quick trip to Sydney next week, haven't have much time to do much. So, apologies all.

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