Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Eating all the way down under -Watersedge - wedding reception

Sydney!! G'day mate.

Yes, i disappeared from the face of earth recently. Sorry, blogging is sparse as i am still having some issues @ work which takes up less time for me to blog and i also disappeared for a lightning trip to Sydney over the July 4th weekend. It is my cousin PRINCESS ( that is hebrew name in which i will not reveal here )'s wedding and the whole clan rush to australia to attend.

I must admit- this is my first time attending a real kwai loh wedding and i can say... hmm it's different. There is
* no NOISY tai kam cheh ( yeah!! )
* no crappy karaoke ( yeah x 100!! )
* there is only 4 courses - appetizer, entree, mains and dessert - 4 hours
* Chinese dinners are 8 dishes 4 hours....

* we are never on time - regardless of whether we are kwai loh or chinese dinners - hah.

Ooh, oh , i travelled jetstar for the first time.... i so dont like budget flights *sniff*

For my parents - this is an eye opener. For me, i get new ideas if in future i ever choose to get married - hehehe. i like kwai loh style better as i am not very chinese even though i am.

Anyway after the morning reception we headed to Watersedge in Pier 1 at Sydney harbour. Wow, it is right under the bridge! :) Sorry no pics of the bride as i did not get her permission to post it up here. Only food pictures. I am very lucky 5th July turned out to be a bright and sunny day because it was bone cold on the 4th of July. It's winter in Australia so wedding attire is a night mare for me.

The decoration is simple yet effective .... i like the use of pale pink ribbons and lilies - how simplistic! Cousin is a faculty member and active musician in Yale, so naturally classical music themes are seen on the table names. It was funny, i was trying to look for my table only to find i am on the hadyn table.

While waiting for the bride to arrive ( they take their wedding photos on the DAY of the WEDDING ) I had time to take more pictures of course.

Main table deco - the jam is souvenir gift- courtesy of the groom's mom.

Insane usage of cutleryLily themed cake - which i still have some in the fridge but isnt this pretty?

So finally we start with the food - no appetizers pic - too fast moving food. Watersedge is not a restaurant but a place that allows you to host and cater for special events, like weddings, mother's day etc. However their in house restaurant for this event is not shabby at all. It's strange. The entree is not standard for all guests. But in a table they serve you 2 types of entree, alternate spacing. Example, if i get the beef, my brother got the seafood entree. This is to allow you "try" other people's entree. Yeah, i tried more of my brother's than he did mine.
My cold beef entree with portobello mushrooms and pepper

Excellent entree in my opinion. My first time ( cough ) eating portobello mushroom i can see why it has so many fans!
My brother's seafood entree - i helped finish the raw salmon.

Since there are 2 types of entrees you will expect two types of mains .... and like the entrees it is a meat based and a seafood based. I got a bit sick of meat so i swapped with my brother. I took his pan grilled salmon with safron risotto. Most excellent sauce - this is so yummy. However, my mom found the salmon a bit not too cooked. She likes it more cooked. I tot it was fine :)

Veal was the other choice meat, served with er. The yellow stuff i cant remember what it was. It is either potato or another wheat dish. The meat was slightly moo-ish. But it was quite tender and nice. And no wild animal smell :P Anyway, this is not a small dish. Lil bro had problem finishing this large dish.

After a lot of speeches, toasting and video presentation, finally dessert was served. The first one was the passionfruit cream with chocolate wrap. This was a tad sweet on the cream side. Don't you think the presentation is pretty?

My chocolate pie with citrus sorbet. Surprisingly a nice combo of sweet and sour. I much prefer the sorbet after my heavy cream salmon but then SURPRISE - I FINISHED the dessert!!! *so greedy * by the end of this i was very very full and had to skip dinner.

This is suprisingly pleasant and different experience for me ( food aside ) and i am glad i travel 8 hours, in my not so nice jetstar flight ( who queues almost an hour for check in *grrr*) Dearest cousin, thank you very much and i am very happy for you, wish you and A all the happiness!

For anyone who gets an invite to Watersedge or can attend one of their special events, you can check out:

Ground Floor, Pier One,
11 Hickson Road Walsh Bay,
Sydney NSW 2000

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