Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pancake House International@Sunway Pyramid

Funky Interior Design. Wait.. does it look pancakey? Or Donutty?

Observation: I seem to be eating a lot of breakfast like food at different hours of the day. Before that was egg tart, then dim sum .... Hmm.

I found this Pancake House in Sunway Pyramid next to J.CO. I was flying solo that week, no one at home just me and my CSI:NY box. Freedom!!! I hope my dad does not read this ( he recently started reading food blogs ) but i really enjoy the peace and quiet when there is absolutely NO ONE AT HOME. And... i can eat what i like without having to worry if there are other people who don't like what i eat. For some reason, sushi ( i stared blankly at Sushi Groove's menu with no appeal that day) did not really appeal to me that day, so after wandering around for a good 10 minutes, i settled on - Pancakes. :) My favorite food since Uni days. In Oz land, i used to buy the mix and whip it up for breakfast. Sometimes i cook so much of it i had to stuff my 2 housemate... Talk about not planning what i am cooking... Since coming back to KL i stopped making and eating it because it is a chore to share kitchen with my mom * tee -hee* ....

The place was a bit empty initially, so i brought my book and looked at the menu.. Variety wise, they cannot beat paddington. Their base is really pancakes but the offer more full bodied food like chicken patties/past as their main meals. And you can choose the number of pan
cakes, 2 or 3. Depending on your stomach and of course budget. Mine was ruled by size of my tummy. I picked a blueberry pancake as my pancake of choice. And it is 2 pancakes not 3. I don't want to feel and look like a whale - thank you. Which i already am. And a cup of cappuccino - i was really sleepy for some reason that day.

When coffee came, people were starting to come in and the place was getting a bit packed. How does one rate their coffee? Not bad. Very strong on Cinnamon - for those who like Cinnamon ( that's me ) will enjoy this but those who don't may find it overwhelming. You can't compare this to Starbucks or Coffee Bean but still enjoyable.
Then the star of the day - my blueberry pancake. Can't see blueberry, right? It's inside. :) Unfortunately no pics of the inside - i was too busy enjoying the pancake. You think the white stuff is ice cream? No, it is actually whipped cream butter, so soft and fluffly. And i am lucky i ordered 2 only... I was quite full after eating this. This is served with a pale lilac sauce which i find that it doesn't really enhance the taste. So i just ate it plain as above with the whipped cream. It was nice and fluffy just as pancakes should be.

So compared to Paddington and Singapore's Cedele, what do i think about Pancake house? Not bad. Not as showy in presentation compared to the formers but quite reasonable from my view. This cost me less than RM16. 2 blueberry pancakes is about RM9.80.

Pancake house is quite international- seems it is from Manila. Which explains why i thought the waitress don't seem local.

I recommend this for people who like to eat pancakes but think that Paddy is a tad too much for your budget. Quite popular during lunch.

The locale:
Pancake house international
Sunway Pyramid, New Wing
Shop Lot: LG2.126 ( U can't miss it - just look for J.CO it's next to it)


  1. International! Wow.

    Roti telur is my budget version of pancake.

  2. Ahahaha.... mine too!

  3. hahahah I only got a budget for roti kosong ler! :(

  4. BBO: i think it's everyone's budget pancake (^_^)V



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