Sunday, 9 March 2008

Mom's birthday @ King Crab

Small meows: I suddenly feel i want to go to Europe again :(. I like it there...

All i can say about the March 8th GE results is this - We finally have spoken up. :) Kudos Malaysians!! You all rock! To the newly elected people - better keep your promises. We can do the same to you.

I am not very vocal about what i think of our government in my blogs but ... i just needed to put in these 2 sentences. Now, back to the serious world of food blogging.

It's my mom's B'day and ... tough luck she shares it with Samy Vellu. You should see her face when i told her on Friday. She was like -_____________-" Anyway, election day, we woke up bright and early to poll. Lord have mercy, people in USJ REALLY wake up early to go for polling. At 8:15 there was a Q in USJ 12 school. I thought most people like to sleep in. Then it was a rush to look for a bouquet for my mom. She loves Gerbeas... ( is this how u spell it?)

We made booking for King Crab a few days earlier. It was funny, dad sounded so serious when he sat next to me for dinner one day and said...... with a pause.... "where should we go for mom's b'day dinner?"
Me: Eh? I thought you say Crocodile farm again?
Dad: No lah your cousins protest ... same place woh..
Me: Ok... then why ask me...

Dad: You are a paid food blogger mah.... ( he is referring to nuffnang)
Me: -_-" Dad, that is not a paid food blogger -lah.. Ok ok i go look for somethin
Mom: "jez shake leg- we all do the work"

After much searching and scouring other people's blogs, i finally proposed King Crab. Choosing a chinese restaurant for me is very difficult in my family. Must have the following criterias:
* Large portions - i have a family member whose stomach is like the great pit.
* Large BUT reasonable price portions
* Must be un-halal.
* Must have air-con and NO Karaoke.
* Near and not so far.

Like that how?? All the possible candidates within the vicinity all whipped out already. Next year, the honor of organizing of such activities shall go to my brother. He has been avoiding this kind of planning since he started earning his first income. Anyway, i take it my dad has finally gotten used to my food blogging. Or... he thinks i have better ideas than my brother * LOL *

Lucky thing about King Crab- Got Online menu.... my dad can have a look at it. So we ordered a set of from their menu. Wow.... mental note next time - NO SET!! This is like Ipoh Portions man.. Huge!!!
Obscene GeoDucks & Large Abalone

While waiting for some very late cousins ( ahem - who wanted this to be at 6:30pm???? and arrived at 7:15pm ), i decided to do a spot of photographing... Father's face was -____-. This is good. Normally he is -_______________________- . The length is much shorter now. King Crab has an amazing.. aquarium i should say. The size of those abalone is amazing. Do you think the GeoDUCKS on topmost tank looks OBSCENE??? Ini mesti kena sensor one...

Then there was this fella, once i saw him... all i could think was the word - "Haro". I pointed to this for my dad but he said - NO. Sigh. I like crabs.

Little Nephew Gerald, who normally eats at home first brought his snack of Swiss roll. Looks a bit hard leh..... My other nephew Brendan is behind - giving us the sleepy look. Gerald couldn't care less if i was next to him, just eat first. Deal with the annoying aunty later.

For us adults, we were served Acar. I think everyone like this, we asked for extra. I hope i didn't have to pay extra. Now, our set comes with 7 dishes with added Noodle. Not all food pictures made the cut because some were blurry and there were sharks jumping on tables. (Family Joke)

This is the 4 seasons dish. Menu said 3 but then 4 came out. Hmm... Menu not updated to web -kwah. But i really like this dish. Especially the one that looks like a sausage. Lovely! Only thing we found the sushi look alike smells a bit fishy. Put a lot of us off.
I manage to actually take a picture of the fish after everyone had a their first bite. This is steamed Patin in superior sauce i think. Sauce is good. If i had rice i will be drowning in sauce. I love the fish meat - no FISH smell. *YEAH*. But fish is very small. :( Not enough for us to go round ) in 3 minutes the fish looked like that.

Cheeks and eyes are gone!!! Who ate it? This is an example of how people enjoy fish. For me, i just eat around the fin area only. Sorry, i have very strange food preferences. Chicken breasts, certain part of fishes and avoid hotate wings.... Something to that effect. I could write a whole post on that.

Halfway through, everyone got up to watch the election results... Even the waitresses and the waiter... I curi more food first lah since everyone is so distracted. *Snicker*

The usual customary veggie dish. Awesome. I like this. So tasty and flavorful. I like the fact they added fresh water chesnuts in. Sweet and tasty.

Oats coated prawns. So fresh! I ate about 4-5 prawns. Yummy. But still got enough to tar pau.

Prawn skin piling up, and i am still stuffing them in. Yumz. The oats are also coated lightly with curry powder and some chilly to give it a kick.

Ok, actually this is about the noodle but not the girl. But she had such a hard time trying to scoop the noodles out using that makeshift clamp of fork and spoon. Tee-Hee because of that she deserves a picture here. The noodles were excellent. Don't have strong "kan" siu and the meat has no pork smell. By this time, i was SUPER full already.

They served us a lovely dessert of cincau and longan that did not make the cut here. Blurry pictures. However 2 flavor pancake dish ended up here. Not bad but check out the OIL.... SCARY. I used the provided tissue to dab off the oil.

Before dinner ended, some family pictures were taken. Wanted to say cam-whoring but then i realized i ain't in the pictures.Gerald, Mom, Cousin #4, Brendan, Aunty #4- they iz going to bee feymez (famous)

Cousin #4 and One and Only Brother..

I give this place a thumbs up. I know a lot of bloggers have come here before- sorry, slow but i really think this is a value for money place. That's if you don't call geoduck and stuff like that :). I heard they now have VIP rooms. Aiya, should have book that lah. Not so noisy.... Do make a booking before you head along there. It gets very crowded during peak hours. Service is fast but at least you won't be so disappointed if you have no place to sit.

The locale:
Restaurant King Crab
No 103-107, Jalan SS25/2
Taman Mewah Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel- 78036999


  1. Happy belated birthday to your mother! Looks like a nice place for food, the prawns look good.

  2. Thanks sugar bean :) yes, the prawnz was good!! i ate a lot of it.

  3. oh this a fantastic night out for a celebration! cool! food looks awesomely good!



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