Saturday, 15 March 2008

El Cerdo's - All Hail Pork

It's quite fitting to start this post with a picture of shot of Vodka, lime & salt. In the current state of affairs after the euphoria of last week election weekend, some of the things that has been happening, leaves a bitter distaste in my mouth.

That would be a much longer story and a diff
erent sort of post, but i thought, hey, a thumb on the nose to the selfish and sore losers out there is by putting these sentences next to a shot of vodka. Followed by lots of piggy pictures. *LOL*.

This politically inclined cat shall now fully go into food blogging. A week or so back, it was NY'sy and since 2005, or was it 4, we've been pretty good friends. Going hunting, eating, pork eating searching or vegetarian eating. He's not only been supportive as a vendor in our company's business initiatives but as a friend as well. What better way to celebrate his birthday with a group of close friends, is to take him to eat. PORK. Buta in japanese, or chee yoke in cantonese.

By the way... all pictures ( the nice ones ) are credited to CGLOW :) Your camera is cool, man....

Happy Birthday piggy...

El-Cerdo's is a place he wanted to go many time
s with FF, FF'S Hubby ( who he shall be nicked name now accordingly) Walking Contradiction & partner, LTC & LE. For most of us, this was a first time as we heard NY salivating about this place for ages. I made the necessary arrangements ( booking etc ) and we were set for dinner. I am told this place has entertaining qualities to it.. I should say it should be rightfully termed as "STRESS RELIEVING" qualities as you shall soon see.

The waiters and waitress highly amuse me here. I have no idea what they are saying and they have no idea what i am saying. Where are they from?? I think they are speaking English but i really cannot figure out what they are trying to say. Anyway, they served us the complimentary soup with some sausage bits inside. I think it is lentil soup as i saw a lot beans inside and served in these cappuccino cups. Cute. Tasty as well.
Close up of the Bacon - Yumz

Appetizers came next. This is bouqurones -which is Bacon wrapped with anchovies, fried in oil and served with some leek salad and onion ring. Goodness, this was astonishingly tasty! Imagine combination of bacon and anchovies which should be weird but it was not. The leek was amazingly tasty as well. It taste good enough to eat without the tartar sauce.

To balance off what could be potentially a really meaty night, we had a plate of salad and potatoes as a a side order. Unfortunately, we thought the plate of salad was a tad small for the price we paid. By the time it came to LTC and me, we had about 2-3 leaves between ourselves... Mental note, get more salad next time.

Next, the piece the resistance... it's stress relieving time. Mr Waiter here, came to elaborate on what we are about to do next.

"These plates are fine china".... yeah right... LE, TC why r you holding the plate that way??

Everybody is poised to .. chop. Yes, chop. The plates are weapons of mass destruction or so the pig thinks. It's tender enough to be just cut by the plates showing you how tender and soft it is. The piggy was quite large and we had enough left overs to have a piggy bag. Taste wise, not bad. The meat is tender and fatty at the same time. It's topped with a lovely brown sauce which i have no idea what it is. But if you compared it to our Malaysianized siew yoke and "suckling pig" i'd still prefer our siew yoke hands down.

Rather unclear shot of a pasta dish

The goat's cheese pasta that was ordered by CG ( or FF'S Hubby ).Actually this is quite tasty, i love the pasta but i was not too fond of the pork bits which had some hard bits that i had to take out. Size of this portion was pretty small as well. Ordering 2 plates is too much but one plate seems a bit small for 8 persons.

At the end, we got the owner, werner to set up something special for NY, which is our desserts nicely decorated on a tray and the waiters singing an "OINKY" birthday. Birthday boy is in the middle grinning with glee. The dessert was a berry sherbet with grappa. It's was sour and sweet enough to end our rather piggy meal with this dessert. On top of it, we had our complimentary vodka shot. OoOh this is my first time drinking vodka and me likez :) very much. *hic*

Overall, this place is quite entertaining. Food wise, it's delicious definitely. Price wise- shocking. Let it be known if your ordering the full piggy- you are paying about RM219 for the pig. Neko is shocked that food can be so fantastically expensive. Service wise - excellent. The owner was nice enough to come and recommend dishes to us and also helping us to set up the surprise for NY. I would come here again for more special occasions but not for every day dining.

Well, it was a good night anyway, we enjoyed the plate throwing and the company. To NY, happy b'day and hope there is many more ( less expensive ) sessions like this . hehehe :)

Food bloggers that tried this place and "lup" it:
Lyrical Lemongrass

The locale
52 Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2145 0511


  1. Gosh this awesome, I am a porkie! fantastic!

  2. Porkilicious! The piggies are so cute

  3. Haha, the pigs are really cute! Expensive but with good food and service? Then it's worth the price! The goat's cheese pasta sounds interesting, have not try that before.

  4. BBO: It is.... :) I love the starters especially. Was in heaven for a good 5 minutes.

    Durianberry: hi, welcome. yeah the shop is FULL of little piggies all over. Heard the toilet had it as well.

    Sugarbean: eh, interesting combo leh the goat's cheese :) but if you don't order the whole piggy i think ok one..



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