Saturday, 23 February 2008

Of late.....

Of late, my blog is more like a personal blog than a food blog. What to do, i am lazy to maintain 2 blogs at one time. Hmm, post CNY, lots of things has been happening. On top of getting sick, it was my mom's turn to not feel so well. Btw, before that lil bro also suffered a bout of food poisoning but luckily for him it was one directional. Back to mom....

Anyway, since our trip to Austria, she was plagued by a growth on wrist that was sitting on one of her nerves. Occasionally, it will hurt a bit in certain directions. Of late, it started to grow a bit which alarmed her and the doctor a bit. Without much thought, the annoying growth must be taken off.

Yesterday, was the day of the operation. I took 1/2 day off the office, to go to UH to keep her and dad company. It is only a day's operation which does not require warding but she still had to go through the usual anaestatic. ( how do you spell this?). It struck me yesterday when we were sick our parents used to take care of us all the time..... but when it comes to you taking care of your parents, you have this realization that they will not be there for you all the time. I felt that even more strongly on that when dad requested me to help mom dress after the operation for her to go home. She used to dress me when i was sick but now i had to dress her instead.

Poor dad, for the first time i see him a bit helpless in a long time. Anyway, thankfully she is feeling better after her op. Her appetite is still not too good - ( this sounds like a running problem in my house ) but she is up and about yelling at the rest of us for not keeping the house clean. I is slave now.

Anyway ... that 5 hour wait in UH was interesting. While waiting for my mom's operation to complete ( we got conned in thinking it was a 2 hour op but it was lesser ) i saw the following operations completed ( as in not the actual op ):
* 4 eye operations:
* 3 babies delivered via C-sect... awwwwwwww the akachans were so cute and small. And fuzzy. Each baby had a dark mop of hair that covered the whole head. And beady eyes hehehe.
* 2 hand ops ( including my mom's)
* One lady with quite a serious op - she stared blankly at me when she was wheeled past the waiting room - freaked me out a bit.
* One knee joint operation - hmmmmmmmmmm.....

Such a busy hospital. Anyway, i am glad mom is better now. Hopefully i can go back to more food postings from now on. Btw, me appetite is better now :) Can eat a little bit more than 1/4 plate of rice.... improvement, improvement....

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