Sunday, 17 February 2008

Ais Kacang-aaaahhhhhhh..... @ Woolley's Food Court

I swear i have font issues in blogger-- .... see?? my older posts and new post.... *mattaku*

AaaAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think i almost expired from the CNY heat in Ipoh. Did you know that without fail every year in Ipoh, the temperature is kept up to a max there? It may be raining on the new year's eve but BANG without fail, i have hot hot
weather there. I am not sure if it is due to the geographical structure of Ipoh... but nevertheless there are a lot of people in ipoh that wither under that kind of heat.

On the second day when it was SUPER hot, my dad decided he had e
nough of it and mosey all of us to Wooley's to eat super priced Ais Kacang. That is not his normal behavior to eat expensive stuff when he could pay less on a normal day but really the heat was too much even for him.

When we reached Wooley, about 50% of ipoh town was already in the place.. Everyone with big bowl's ais kacang sitting there trying to cool off - while the loud chinesy new year songs blast into their ears.
This is my big bowl of ais kacang, with lots of ( hard ) peanuts and brown sugar. Underneath this mass of ice is actually that big red bean, sago, cendol, cincau and the works. On that hot day, it gets my 110% on taste and coolness factor. I like the sago like thing they put in here and the brown sugar adds to the "cool" smell. Even my grandma can finish this big bowl of ice, though she will by pass her main meal to eat this.

Lil bro was hungry, he didn't take to my aunty's cooking so well, so he ordered his favorite kangkong and sotong. So so only lah this one. I like the kangkong but the sauce is better in another stall in Ipoh. Not to mention Kampar one is pretty good!

Wooley serves a lot more other stuff and you can basically get most of Ipoh's style food there. Recommended you all try the Kampung Sim Mee Fish ball noodle. The taufoo is cooked with using wood as the base for the fire, so the taufoo has this distinctive taste to it. Surrounding Wooley's, their is a single story hawker shop that opens at night and has a wider variety of food. The kuih sold there is also pretty awesome.

By the way, this tea time costs us about RM10+. If you are ever in my hot home town, drop by for the ais kacang here.

Wooley's Food Court
Jalan Lengkok Canning,
Ipoh, Perak


  1. walio! wonder why did not see you there? I was there too!

  2. I'm goin blind -_-!!!!

  3. BBO: HMMM ... dunno leh? R you from ipoh? must catch up some time! hehehe ..

    Cel: U is not going blind. U haz small eyes. hehehehe.

  4. I used to go there quite often like 15 years ago.

    Forgot what was the food then...



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