Thursday, 14 February 2008

Er ........ happy valentine's day ... not

Is it me again? My blogspot fonts have gone 'nanas, N.E.W.A.Y Happy valentine's day people. I don't celebrate because i have join Boss Stewie's campaign on Happy Single Awareness day - LOL. It's that time where it is freakingly expensive flowers and food. Somehow even when i was dating- that ain't my thing. People- when will u learn, if someone loves you, they will give you things willing 24 x 7, 365 days in a year. Not one special day only in a year, or two or 3 including birthday's and anniversary. Most importantly sometimes it is the things people do for you that tell you they "heart" u :) so don't get upset if you did not receive any.

However, today is still a good day - my ex-supervisor who is now my HOD invited me and FF for lunch! We have not had lunch with her in ages - and it was a good lunch that we 3 used to enjoy like the good old times. Sorry no pictures - shy lah in front of my boss. She might think i am nuts - lol - ... wait.. she already thinks i am nuts.

Wah it is ages since i updated - sorry lah.... after CNY break - the work load went into hyper drive and i was on DETOX. DETOX man!! Hopefully i recover after this week... Long and important projects needs to be done.

Anyway have a good valentine for those who celebrate - rest of the world - happy singles awareness day! (Click the link - there is a wikipedia entry hahaha)


  1. I couldn't have said it better. :-)

  2. A new foodcourt under da seafood restaurant..

    The food there sucks generally, but more important thing is that, it's darn cheap. Hehe.

    Happy Single Awareness Day!

  3. LL: Hehehe....

    Bacterium: huh? Really. New shop, nevertheless will try. Go try Kabul! Not bad.



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