Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun

Ipoh people always think their food is the best in home state :) Sometimes i do fall under that category as well. I recently visited Ipoh, to see my grandma and celebrate her 90th birthday. o_0. Since my cousins also returned home, Aunty decided she did not want to cook for the whole brood, we went out for breakfast. Breakfast in Ipoh is early. Let it be known if you hit a restaurant after 8:30..... It's packed to the brim. So us bleary eyed city folks all were up by 7:00am to hit the hawker stalls.

This Chee Cheong fun shop is in Canning Gardens. That 2 row of shops near the Canning gardens wet ( or is it dry ) market is pretty popular with locals and imported locals. I have been eating CCF from this place since i was a wee lass. And that was many many years ago.

Ipoh style CCF comes in 2 varieties: 1) with meat sauce of mushroom and pork and reddish sauce.... 2) just eaten plain with Soy Sauce and Green chillies. I prefer the later. Both options are topped with a generous dousing of fried onions. Adds to the aroma of the dish and the simplicity of it is just simply amazing.

One thing about the man who sells the CCF here. His nickname has been Mr grumps since we have known him. He is the souriest, crankiest person i know. Do not try to tell him that you don't want chilli with your noodles or u want more onions or sesame seeds in your order. He actually tells you "If you have so many demands, don't eat".... O_O. Many a brave men and women have been felled by his cranky comments. At first we were a bit miffed when we heard that. But he happens to be the best CCF around our area so we just decided if we don't like the stuff, just take it out later. And DON'T try to barge your way in. Line up. He gets cranky if you cut line. Which explains why i took the picture from the behind. I was afraid of some sarcastic comment coming out from him if he sees me with the camera. LOL....

Just in case you want to check out this stall during the new year, note his prices goes up 50cent more during the new year period. He's open on the 3rd day of new year onwards. Remember.... just order, don't demand for stuff

The Locale:
Restaurant Canning Cardens
the road behind Jalan Lee Kwai Fong, right in front of the market. Ok i forgot the name of the road.
Closed Mondays.

Other people who have eaten here ( hmm i found fans! )

* Cumi and Ciki


  1. What? RM 2.20 for chee cheong fun... does it come with prawns??

  2. This is a cool layout!

    CCF is one of our favourites too! But we haven't gone so far for CCF before.

  3. Nice new template! The chee cheong fun looks simple and nice!

  4. amelyn: No prawns :( that one Hong Kong version lah.

    Bacterium: Thanks! You've been MIA for a long time! Nice to see you around again. CCF in ipoh is the best :) must try it sometimes.

    Sugar Bean: Thanks: Yeah it is simple and nice. Also known as Keen Chai fun. :)



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