Sunday, 20 January 2008

Char Siew, how i love thee - Meng Kee Char Siew

It's no secret that i love pork. However, this is not always the case. I used to actually detest it at one time because sometimes pork has that.. porky smell. Which if you are not used to it, it can be overwhelming. However, with some selective eating, i slowly have gained more confidence in pork :) and now i am a bona-fide porky lover ( well the meaty bits anyway, offal and all are still a no go for me) . It would be tough to not have pork in a dish.

Few week ends back, "posh" and i went hunting for tour agents. Japan trip is around the
corner so we thought we better get started on getting price quotes. While some tour agents left us baffled with their lack of enthusiasm and we were impressed with some with quite good customer service skills. We narrowed down choices so this march, i be flying of to Japan, my third trip :) ... Takuya ... matteru!! ... ( er.....hehehehe)

Anyway, after all that walking & talking, we decided to have lunch in Meng Kee in Tengkat Tong Shin. This is my first time here. NY always tried to cajole me to joining him for lunch during office hours but some how my office lunch time appetite is not as good as my weekends or weekend nights appetite. So, me and posh trooped down a rather stinky Tengkat Tong Shin ( did some one just threw rubbish all over the place??? ) to check out the char siew here.

Firstly, the shop is under a fairly large place. And next to it was a stall i used to buy my breakie from when i worked in Changkat Raja Chulan.. Memories... *sigh* ... Anyway, we were sat outside under the awning and the shade of the large tree.

Posh: "Please make sure there is no cleavers flying this way"
Me: huh?

The lady in the first picture was happily chopping away the Char Siew, while i was busy snapping away. It's amazing at the speed she cuts the meat , without so much as batting an eyelid.

So, we ordered the char siew and an order of steam white chicken ( or pak cham kai). First, came the Char Siew. Yummy, my favorite kind. The dark and sweet kind with just enough fat and meat combination. And there were slightly burnt bits at the end... ..... Just right. And it goes well with the rice they served. Now, the rice was not those overly oily kind and it goes well with the Char Siew. And of course the chilli sauce adds to the punch.
An order of pak cham kai. Quite tasty and tender, though the reddish nature of the bones may put some people off. The sauce was yummy as well. Am such a sucker for sauce...... sigh...
The shop also serves a mean longan "suet" -... With lots of longan and on that hot saturday, it was a good drink to have. All in all, it costs us less than RM35 bucks for a this meal! :) Well, it was reasonable with so much meat. Good thing is... doesn't feel jelak after that.

Address: 13, Tengkat Tong Shin

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