Sunday, 27 January 2008

Fong Lye - Jalan Imbi

You know when you have a food obsession? It only goes away if you actually get to eat. This is how i went to fong lye like in a span of 2 weeks. :) Normally i don't do that but then sometimes... when it hits you it hits you.... Since the last visit... i was thinking about the pork. :) they served in the midvalley branch. When mashi saw the pics of the last post ( i presume..) she was wanted to eat at fong lye as well. Doesn't help when i kept telling her about their pork, pork, pork.

So, when she decided to do a spot of LAPTOP hunting, we thought we kill 2 birds with one stone. Go PC shopping in low yat, eat at fong lye in Jalan Imbi. Do you all know the Overseas Restaurant along Jalan Imbi? Fong lye is just a few shops away. Skinny little restaurant and so low key, you'd pass it off as another restaurant. Point to note, the place along jalan imbi is notorious for bad parking. So you either park at sungai wang and walk there. A good 5 minutes walk or you park at Berjaya and walk there. Similar length of time. :) Since lil' bro was driving his brand new spanking car, we decided to park further and walk there. No amount of good food will mean we have to scratch our car.
The restaurant interior feels like any Chinese restaurant, but the subtle details is the ones that makes it nice and special. I love the little chopstick holders. Each table has a different set.

Sakura Set.

Brinjal Set

The difference between the one in The Gardens and this is, the former cater for the sort of "fast food style" while this is the one that you can sit down, relax and enjoy the food and the company. Now, the details of the place does not stop here. I find the small cups of tea so adorable. To know how small, look @ the second picture, where lil bro is pouring the cup. Though the hand looks steady, behind the scenes, he was busy yelling " HURRY UP AND SHOOT I AM GOING TO OVERPOUR"... ( erh... sheepish ). By the way, request for their Oolong tea. It's far superior than most places that i have tasted the oolong tea.

Appetizer came, a small dish of tofu, chilli, ikan bilis all mixed up in a sweet sauce. Not bad. I prefer this to peanuts.

Fong Lye is famous for their 3 cup chicken, but to me, this is easily their star. Pork! Lean pork to be exact. This is their Crispy pork marinated with rice wine. Again, like the last time when CG ordered it, when this dish is served, the smell is overwhelming... I think it cancels out any other dish around you because it is so fragrant. And the taste matches the smell. I cannot resist this dish and give it 5 paws up! By the way, you can get this as a set in The Gardens branch. If you do not wish to share your pork with others. *smile*

Their brinjal with mince pork was served next. Though a bit oily, you can actually eat a few bowls of rice just because of the sauce. I am allergic to brinjal but have been slowly eating it to build immunity and i must say, itchiness aside, this is one yummy dish.

3 cup chicken in superior sauce ( is this the right name ? ) served next. I completely changed my mine about this dish. I didn't really thought much about this, the first time i ate it, because i chewed on a basil by accident. Licorice flavor is really something i do not like at all. But today, i tried it in this branch, i do like it much better. The chicken is more tender and flavorful here. Basils were all given to Mashi to enjoy, since i don't really fancy it.

Soup was also served. This is their Clam soup in simple soup. There is a lot of wolfberry and herbs in this soup. Clams were alot as well. Funnily enough, i don't eat clams but the waiter decided that i need the most clams so my bowl was "clammed" up.

At the end of the meal, a small cup of their famous lime juice is served. Suppose to aide digestion. You can get a full glass if you like the drink. But that is like through your normal order. :) ( not free like the small one you get at the end of the meal ). I had a chat with the lady who i think owns the shop, and found out not all stuff you find in The gardens branch is served here. Like the prawn roll which i like, is not found here. And the variety of desserts there, is not found here either. So don't go running to the one in the Gardens thinking the menu is exactly alike.

BTW, much thanks to mashi and becks for the treat. :)

Side post: Toilet Review. Quite clean, and very cute. The doors look like those in the olden day chinese dramas only. hehehehe.

Other people who have eaten here:

The locale:
Fong Lye Restaurant
No. 94, Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL
Tel :03-21456061


  1. Ya. Agree with u that their 3 Cups Chicken is good.

  2. Hi Pink Painter - thanks for dropping by. But i think the one in Jalan IMBI is much better. Not the one in midvalley.



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