Monday, 28 January 2008

The Cow Lady Curry Noodles@ Damansara Utama

I just realized my parents have a very funny way of naming things. Take for example, the hong kong actor, Joe Ma. My parents call him "Sam Chek Ngan" ... 3 eyes man.... Why- ah you all ask.... because he acted in one show Journey to the west, and his character was a man with 3 eyes. Subsequently, his name is now sam chek ngan. Joe Ma is completely lost from the entire plot. Let it be known, if you have some thing my parents can hook on to remember to, that is it man... that's your name for life.

So... it is no different when it comes to people who cook our food. Our Cow Lady..... or Ngau Por.... is one of our old favorites. When i was a wee lass, we stayed in DU and we frequented this store often. I mean often. Last time, choices of food were not as varied as now.

The shop is on the same row as Hokano that time, there was this lady that cooked fantastic Beef Ball noodles. Not only beef ball noodles, Curry noodles is one of her speciality. This is one of the better Curry noodles i have eaten. The soup is thick, ( not very msg-ish) with chicken shreds, lots of foo pock
and for extra RM1, she will put in some fish paste as part of this dish. Cockles are also part of the dish, if you are fond of those little things. BTW, mom tar paued this for me. She was house cleaning in DU, so she thought, i would love this for lunch. *muaks*. It's easy to make this cat happy. <>

One thing you should know, it's not very large. Even i order large, i can finish it. But since i am perpetually on a diet, then it works fine for me. Now, the shop has moved to Koon Kei, @ Damasara Utama. The Cow Lady, has a stall here. I recommend Tar Pau. The heat in the place normally kills me... :P

The locale:
Koon Kei, Damansara Utama.

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