Saturday, 22 December 2007

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavillion

Short Post: In the spirit of Christmas, my blog will be in the typical X'mas colors of Green and Red. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. After this .... i need to start dieting.

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i have joined scores of people who have gone to Pavillion! :) I didn't expect to go so soon. I am one of those that like the crowd to go and get over the rush first, then i will go. However, mashi tempted me with a new Japanese restaurant there. Plus the fact there is ALOT of shopping there (^_^) wah, go-loh, go-loh.

Anyway, after about 2 hours shopping there, we finally decided on Dinner @ 9:30pm. Yes, 9:30. With Coast, Ted Baker and Forever 21 there, i think we got supremely distracted and surprisingly we were not hungry till that time. But after a while, all the walking does get a bit tiring.

Most shops were already starting to close, so me and Mashi rushed to Ichiban Boshi at the Food Republic level of Pavillion. I noted TOAST BOX present there. ( So not found of that place - didn't allow me to take pictures last time ) And some other places i want to try next time.

When we got to Ichiban Boshi- they were already starting NOT to accept customers. In fact they were initially not interested to take us in. However, i think our puppy dog eyes helped. (^_^)V.... They were really interested in closing fast - so we hurried (understatement of the day) through the menu. I was a bit disappointed though when i notice some of the stuff coming from the conveyor belt compared to being freshly made.

I had craving for Wakame that day - so i ordered that. Mashi however was not in favor of wakame that day - i ended up eating this alone. A point of comparison with Hokano's Wakame. Ichiban Boshi's Wakame is spicer, while Hokano's is more mellow. I suspect the latter uses a dash of sesame oil. Though it is tasty- i still prefer's Hokano's style.

Chuka Wakame

This is the most interesting roll i had that day. Tamago & Tuna roll. It is a surprisingly good combination. The sweetness of the egg roll goes well with the tangy mayo and tuna paste at the bottom. Lovely! :)

Oooh... i love the next one. It's lobster & something something :P Ok i cannot remember the name but i do know you have lobster plus some cheese placed on top. It would be better that if this was served warm or hot, but it was pulled from the Conveyor belt again. *aargh*. I think i have been to rakuzen too often- i expect freshly made food. Anyway, better points would have been scored if they served it fresh.

This was surprisingly nice and fresh! I know a fresh salmon when i eat it and it doesn't crumble in my mouth. I am actually pretty wary about eating raw things. I don't know which one i went to before - probably Genki Sushi, where by the salmon served was not fresh as it is suppose to be. I think i almost wanted to spew. But in Ichiban's case, this was top Notch fresh. And the combination of Mayo, salmon + OD wasabi was interesting!

Just when you thought we couldn't eat more, we had Tempura Moriawase ordered. They were very generous with the prawns, but i find this so-so only. Probably because sometimes you have eaten stuff at Mizu and Rakuzen, other places making, the latter is always put at a pedestal.

Supposedly famous for their Soba, we decided to share a soba dish. I ordered for some reason, Niku Soba which has lots of meat in it. Along with beef, there is some strange meat dumpling inside there ( the round one! ). Why do i say strange? Well it has a strong frozen smell in it. I guess they might have bought some frozen meat balls and dumped them in. The beef slices were tender though. Now, i won't kill the whole dish. On it's on, the Soba can give the ramen a run for it's money. The soup is also tasty - a bit oily - what to do - fatty beef mah. I recommend if you want to try this, share it. And this is not the only Soba dish they have. They have lots of variety - so you can have healthy soba if you want or cold/warm. Am going to try the Soba Kitsune next time.

OoH - GUESS what i discovered, the people who own Ichiban Boshi- is the same people who set up Kushinbo in Suntec City! Now, that place I truly like.

I definitely will come back here next time, earlier, and try other stuff i see on their menu. Don't be a shopaholic like me. There is a lot more other stuff i can try here. Price-wise - in this swanky place, not bad. Affordable. 3 Paws up from this "cat".

Ichiban Boshi ( sushi and so much more
Lot 1.14 Pavillion - Same row as JCO.
55100, Kuala Lumpur

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  1. The salmon looks so delicious! I'll have to try this place soon. Thx!

    P/S Can u drop me an email (u can find it at my blog) pls? Thxx.

  2. LL: Hehe, it is delicious! :) My thoughts is this place needs some time to grow, they have hits and misses. Hopefully their misses improve!

  3. I had tried it too!



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