Sunday, 23 December 2007

It's the last of the penang food post -part 1

I hope this is the last of the penang food posts.... Hope to close it off before the new year. Like everything else :)

Unfortunately i am not good in putting collages of pictures together, have seen some people do excellent ones. But my brain today, took a sabbatical on me- so i am less than interested in doing anything that requires BRAIN POWER.
Superbly Crowded Gurney Drive

Nevertheless, let's plod on :)..... now... the day we hit Penang, i think we ate, ate, ate, hunted- then eat some more. It's no wonder i felt the need to diet after coming back. Our first day there, after a 1/2 hour snooze, we decided to go look for food. Our driver was extremely pooped - after the whole day of driving, so we got replacement driver TC to go to Gurney Drive. This place is like the super hawker stalls of Penang. I also think this is a super expensive place to eat Hawker food. No doubt i can get every thing under one roof but RM2 for 5 APAM which is smaller than my palm is a bit TOO much for me.

We wandered to another end of the hawker stalls, found a stall whereby there seems to be a queue for people eating CKT. Since FF was in charge of jaga-ing table, me and TC were food searchers. I chose CKT... And proceeded to the stall nearest to me. Then it hit me..... I don't speak Hokkien. (aiyo), worse is I don't speak Mandarin (aiyo, aiyo).

The lady looked at me with really small eyes (she no speak england) when i started pointing around that i wanted CKT. She was like -_-". In the end, my message got through, and we got our plate. One thing i notice about the frier- ... Good CKT is normally fried individually, not as one big batch. This hawker stall, fries it as a batch. However, taste wise it is still ok. Good wok hei, lots of bean sprouts. Prawns were a bit wishy washy though. Felt a bit uncooked. I spat it out as i was on another hunt the next day. I don't want to be hunting toilets the next day. LOL.

Now, the smell of satay wafting over was too much to resist, so we ordered about 10 sticks for the 3 of us. Ok, it sounds a bit measly, but we wanted to try other stuff without stuffing ourselves to the brim. The satay was quite tasty and it is .... ta-da... SATAY BABI! (Somehow or rather, i think FF is puzzled at me and TC's obsession with Satay Babi- just that we had so much of it in Melaka, we can't get enough of it. It is just like slice bread to us) Just like those in Melaka. The sauce is Kajang style sauce. One thing i noticed, they love to serve food in split plastic boxes. Hehehe, beats washing plates and saves money as well. (Note: the laksa bowl next to the satay sauce - didn't get a clear shot on this dish ). Oh btw, we sent TC to get Lobak, he came back with deep fried chicken skin..... I think i am pumped with cholestrol now. Diet, diet, diet.

Kinda of full, we started strolling out. Our driver was wide a wake in the hotel and kinda cheesed we were having a good time! :) ahahaha. But then i saw this stall! This uncle here is happily making APAM. And not just ordinary ones you see at the bottom right corner there but banana and kaya filled ones :)

Here, you are the banana filled APAM and they smelt lovely. The APAM skin is infused with pandan flavoring, so imagine the aroma here when it is cooking. Seeing the sign RM2 for 5, i pestered the rest of the team to buy this. However, i was much disappointed that it was so small :(. Even the normal ones were pretty small. ARRGH.. For desserts i want big big ones :(

Any- way seeing this is gonna be a long post, please wait for Part 2 :) More pics and more food. Come to think of it... looking at it now, i feel kinda full already. o_O.

Gurney Drive Hawker Stalls


  1. Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year!! xxx

  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    wow....look very delicious...

  3. BBO: Happy Belatex XMAS, hope u have a wonderful new year (^_^)V

    sam09: It is delicious, should go and try it!



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