Thursday, 20 December 2007

Good Seafood @ Restaurant Gee Seng, Bukit Tambun

I have no idea that there is more than one Tambun in Malaysia. Being a IPOH "cat", i thought Tambun is where i stay in. But then in my last treasure hunt to Penang, i found out there was a Bukit Tambun. o_O. And this is where ... the tambun biscuit originated from.

Anyway, Tambun biscuit aside, it seems Bukit Tambun is famous for their seafood. It's cheap, it has a lot of variety, the place smells ( er sorry, near the mouth of the river ) and lots of people come here to eat. FF and JS seem to be very familiar with this place while me and TC were a bit jakun in this area.... Could be just me. (^_^)

This place we went to, was deep in some small village within the Bukit Tambun area. Mind you, the roads here are pretty tight and it is more like a one vehicle road kind o
f place. Once we reached the parking, i was greeted by Monkeys. Yes, monkeys. Primates. Not very friendly looking ones either. JS quickly reversed out and park some where safer.

Aah... my fellow hunters rushing to the restaurant.
Don't expect fancy deco in this place. It is as simple as ABC. I also have to add, to those who have a slight disposition to smell... This place does smell. Because it is near the portion where ocean meets the sea, during low tide the smell can be one of a kind. But, let that not deter you, just sit under the fan. It helps...

Typical Chinese food deco - plastic plates

Kum Heong Mantis Prawn.

The place was pretty crowded when we were there, so i thought food was going to be slow. (Note: We had to rush to penang to hand in our answers ..... ) but surprise, surprise - no sooner than 5 minutes, food arrive. Our first dish was Kam Heong Mantis Prawn. It's not the full prawn but cut into bit sizes. Lovely! Only gripe i had was, the portions are a bit small.

The customary green veggie dish. I can't remember what this was call but it was pretty
Followed by salt and pepper calamari. Now, though the outside is a bit tasty. But i think we had an OLD CALAMARI. Some pieces were a bit tough and i felt really like a cow chewing cud. *chew, chew* other bits were pretty nice.

Next, star of the day. Oh Chien. :) I must confess i am not a shellfish fan. I don't eat oysters, any form of shellfish with exception of HOTATE without wings. I find all shellfish slimy, clammy and very difficult to swallow. (I HEAR SHELLFISH PEOPLE THROWING THINGS AT ME ). So when the oh chien came, i only ate the chien and not the Oh. Lol and behold, TC turns out to have the same dislike as me. FF and JS were enjoying the Oh bits. According to them it was tasty. One comment as a non oh eater. I do notice that this place, the Oh Chien was rounder, fatter and seems juicier than the one in Melaka. Compared to the one in Melaka, this was a bit more dry and more egg-y. Really omellete oyster. I didn't know this dish had many variants in different states. Wait till i show you the Penang ones.

Now, all in all, this cost me and my gang, RM35 for 4 dishes including drinks and rice. Where can you get prices like this in KL? Hehehe.

For those travelling to Penang this festive period, you might want to drop in and try the food here. They serve variety of shellfish for those who are interested. ( Me pass this ) Guess this is my one and only time here because i rarely travel that direction. But i don't mind if we have another hunt, we can drop by again.

The Add:
Restaurant Makanan Laut Gee Seng
860, Bagan Bukit Tambun,
14110, Simpang Ampat,
Seberang Perai

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