Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A series of Unfortunate events...

Since it is halloween- my post is in Orange .......

I have been plagued by strange accidents this week....

Tuesday: Glass of Cincau- suddenly broke while i was enjoying my pan mee in the shop next to YMCA in Sentral... *bikkuri!!* .... i didn't even touch the cup- and i couldn't with my face in the noodles and my hands full. The nice uncle and aunty whom i was sitting with, were quite defensive for me and kept telling the drinks lady i didn't touch the glass at all. A nice lady carrying the "i am not a shopping bag" was concerned i should not be eating the noodles any more in case of small glass splinters...

Wednesday: Toilet exploded in the office. Luckily i was not on the toilet, i was in the cubicle next to the toilet... Enough said let's not go to details there.

What next? whale dropping in front of me?? Think someone's cursing me :P


  1. Toilet explode? What do you mean?

    Somebody must be pissing hot metal into it. :D

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I really want to know the details of the toilet explosion! Kakaka

    Don't celebrate Halloween, its evil! :P

  3. Bacterium: Close but not close enough hahaha!

    TanKiaSu: Eh.. all floggers will be put off leh hahaha.... Let's just say got water and other stuff flying around. I thank god for WALLED CUBICLES being invented.. Nah i didn't celebrate... not into those stuff



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