Sunday, 4 November 2007


I dunno, since the I have seen the iPhone sold in KL, everything i think has the word i in front. Tee-hee..

Anyway- why iGrumble? Well, i went for the Sun Hunt on the 3rd... Man, that's the biggest treasure hunt i have been to. Imagine 216 cars parked in the National Science Center on Saturday morning. I knew it was not a good hunt when i called my other partner to find out she is only 1/2 way there.... Lord, ... she complains i don't show up on time for events, but at least for IMPORTANT events i am prompt. Worse is when TC and i found out the car was not there yet... we were like HUH????

Didn't help much when other people were teasing us about the car being late. So... still yan first...

Next thing i knew, ... er when the other pair came.... er they had a fight previous night.............. arghh.. no no no... not good. Er .. not sure if they know, even though they pretended not to show it, we can sense it leh when people are fighting... And they have been doing this for 3 years... forever fighting.... sigh.. and sometimes it spoils things for others....

Well all in all ... we came out 100 in 200 cars. I am not impressed but then.. cannot do much about it. Klang Valley hunts are never easy. Though it is hard not to pint point the blame to them, i realized we didn't do too well in treasures. I only cracked the 2nd treasure almost at the last leg when everyone had given up. Team division of roles was not up to par that day.

Good news is .. at least i didn't get last. AND i discovered ALOT of nice restaurants along the way (Must see bright side in things). Oh well practice makes perfection. Time for reflection.................... BTW.... has anyone seen the iphone or iphony in KL? Hmm.. RM2,690 IS pretty darn expensive for a phone.

Updated - 6th November
I just found out that even 100 place gets a prize. I am still not happy though. Did some post mortem on the team or people who were more eager to provide post mortem feedback on why we sucked:
  • Lack of time management - 1 person on 30 questions and 3 on treasures when we only got 1 treasure is real poor time management. Poor neko was brain dead after that hunt. hahaha.
  • Team on 1/2 capacity- please sleep early next time. And no fighting next time before the hunt.
  • This one is secretly posted by my friend TC- ER.. lack of team spirit.. Ok... get the drift hehehe - no elaboration here.
Walking Contradiction told me about a team that we know that always goes in groups and gangs up for answers. Ending up they win pretty close to each other... For every year in our company hunt, this same group does the same thing. In the last Langkawi hunt, i was really pissed off and even walked out of the ceremony. I don't know why people do that, but i find in the end the thrill for me is solving the questions and treasures ON MY OWN. I feel a sense of achievement. Even though we scored 100th place- but i am glad the answers came from within. At least i know i tried :) *gambatte-neh* ... i am going for the next december hunts! yeah!!


  1. i understand how frustrated you must be, the same way i felt when i gobbled down my "wong lou kat" without knowing it's a treasure. :) Took some creative googling to find out where you are, with very few hints from me wife.

  2. I could have bought you an iphone from states ! :D BUt anyway, its ok, it was a fun hunt, and i think you got a blender or something. :)

  3. chin geh: ooh i feel for u. at least we didn't eat our treasures!

    Joyce: nah, i just tot i was a nice gadget- i want a cheaper phone:P .... yeah - it was a not bad hunt ... i got to drive a merc for 5 seconds .. bwahaha



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