Wednesday, 31 October 2007


It's one of my weird weeks again. Things are running a bit helter-skelter and with halloween around, i think i am jinxed!! That's another post again but today, let's talk about Char Siew...

So i was working in TPM this week. NY, colleague was in TPM as well. For the past 2 weeks we were trying to catch up and have lunch... but either i ffk him or he ffk me and denies it.. wah.. Anyway, we FINALLY settle on a day where we cannot FFK each other. Th
e usual happen:

Neko:Eat what?
NY: Dunno. U decide....

--- 5 minutes later
Neko: How? Eat What? ( only the how has changed in the sentence )
NY: Dunno. U decide....
Neko: *frus* Ok- Salak South Char Siew

NY: Ok!
Neko: *tsk*

Salak South is another gem of place to find food. It may not be the cleanest
but the food there is the bestest! And this small place was found by one of the ACN people as well. Sometimes big groups of us troop there to eat this Char Siew...

Now this place sells speciality is Char Siew, along with roast chook, siew yoke
and the rest. And that's the only stall in the whole shop. So if you are hoping for some pan meen action- don't think about. Along with Char Siew- they sometimes have Asam Kai Choi and additional veggies you can select and pick from.

I was only interested in Char Siew today, so that's what we ordered... This place's char siew never fails to impress me. I can't say much about the cleanliness of the shop but... just close one eye.

Ok, so don't give brownie points for the presentation as well but their char siew, every piece is pun fei sau- or just the right amount of fat and meat... And it's my favourite kind, the sweet sticky char siew... I got one piece which is the end bit of the meat which is a bit more burnt and has nice piece of fat there.... One bite... i felt like remy eating the strawberry and cheese... it's just yummy.... *sigh*We ordered some steamed chicken to go with the pork. I must say their steam chicken is nicer than their roast chicken. Only gripe i have is there is not enough sauce for the chicken or char siew! :( I think i paid less than RM20 for 2 persons including drinks.

For all those attempting to look for this restaurant, there are rules:
1) Please go there before 12:30. There is QUITE a crowd for this place
2) Please dress appropriately- t-shirt, sleeveless is better. Quite a warm place
3) The parking there is bit terrible.

Now, i need to inform you i may be a bit off in the add as i found later someone stuck a sticker on the road sign, causing me to think wrongly of the actual road. If i ever find the correct one i will update this post.

I think i want BKT next in Puchong...................

Kedai Makanan Tian Hong,
Jalan Tuanku 2(?)
Salak South.


  1. I wonder where's this restaurant and where's Jalan Tuanku 2. Is it somewhere near the Hakka Yong Taufu place?? Thanks.

  2. Hmmm dunno about the hakka yong taufu.. If you ever want to go- drop me a mail, i can take you all there... my road sense - terrible :P



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