Sunday, 7 October 2007

I need to join chocoholics anonymous

I didn't expect shopping to be good in europe because of the conversion rate. 1 euro, RM5 at least ( rounded up ... ) so shopping was not my main priority in europe. But... i have to say since i cannot buy clothes and other stuff there alot... there was the other vice which i splurged on or at least my entire family did... Chocolates. Yes, chocolates are damn good there and taste much better than the ones here.

I am always a fan of japanese chocs but the ones in Europe are pretty darn good... See my collection? Btw, the pics are taken from my fridge. My mom was less than impressed her fridge is now on the internet. Please note all chocs are not for my own consumption- some are to be given to colleagues, relatives and neighbors.

See the 2nd row, left side, all stacked up, these bars of choc just cost me 0.79 euro per bar which is almost 4 bucks here. They are from the brand Lindt, some with liquer ( eg : irish cream)... and tiramisu flavour. Relatively cheap and even cheaper than Langkawi. The DARS btw is not from Austria. That's from Isetan.... The round boxes behind are from Salzburg- Mozart Chocs with Pistachio. Heard it is famous so bought 5 round boxes. Not forgetting my colleagues, and my two best friends, and minions at work, they will also get their own stack. Ahem, my favorite ferrero rocher has a cappucino version in Austria. But sadly i only bought 1 row. For my muslim staff who cannot eat the rest of the liquer filled ones.

For my brother and myself, i bought some of the stuff you see here but in different flavors... Like snickers and bounty! Pocky once again is not from Austria. my leftover munchies from the trip. :P

Crunchy Snickers , do yo usee on the bottom more chocs?Bounty -Dark Chocolate version, but wait there is more...

Coffee and Chocolate- wah... i am starting to drool.

Finally- Mjoy- Crispy Cereal and Choc

Not forgetting my family and i polished one bar of Cote D' Or dark chocolate which was only selling at 0.50 euro. Whack lah...... at this rate , i can give any chocoholics a run for their money. Or maybe... i can quit my job and sell chocolates... After looking at their supermarkets- i think the chocolates we have here are SO limited...... we have been missing out.... :P .... anyone going next- please let me know- will give you shopping list... am very easy to please chocolates will do.

I love Europe- any one wants to transfer me there?? *hint*


  1. Euro 0.50!?!? Cheap nya!! I wanna go Europe too!!

  2. Ya nor, different chocos got cheap price :P but got expensive ones as well

  3. welcome back! Me just back meself!

  4. hahaaha.... I know how you feel, I had my 10 years stay in Europa!

  5. joyce: haro! welcome back to you as well!

    Big Boys Oven: Yeah....i still think about all the other chocs i didn't buy :(

  6. Can send some my way ;) ?

  7. That is a lot of chocolates! dad also bought lots of it home and it's still lying in my fridge. Going to melt it to make choc fondue before it expire.

  8. Kheng Leong: txs for dropping by, ya.. i will "transport" some over to you.

    Precious Pea: hmmm... guarantee mine will finish pretty fast. Everyone in the house is a choco-holic.



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