Sunday, 7 October 2007

Around eastern europe in 13 days ... or something like that

I am back! Can't believe 13 days passed so fast!... i dread work tomorrow and checking the emails .. hehehe. I also think i put on a few pounds ... all the food in europe has turn me to a true piggy. Though Mashi has got a real crystal piggy as a result of the trip... pictures later.

Just a round up of the countries i have been to, it's like what chinese say "chow lan"... once i hit vienna, it was bus rides and bus rides all the way. Most of europe is pretty easy to travel by bus. The rest stops are surprisingly clean ( unlike the China ones).

We started with 63 persons in the group, so it was split to group A and group B. Most of the time we also had to spend time in different hotels as no hotels could accomodate so many of us.

Here is a rough idea where i went:
Day 1 KL -Dubai ( i hate transiting here. There is no place to sit and the airport is overcrowded)
Day 2 Dubai -Vienna
Day 3 Vienna -Graz (Still in Austria- chocolates very cheap here )
Day 4 Slovenia - Italy(Trieste- facing the Andriatic Sea) - Slovenia( Bled)
Day 5 Slovenia-Salzburg
Day 6 Salzburg - Prague
Day 7 Prague
Day 8 Prague - Cracow (Poland)
Day 9 Cracow
Day 10 Cracow- Budapest ( Hungary )
Day 11 Budapest - Vienna
Day 12 Vienna -Dubai
Day 13 Dubai -KL

I think the first 2 days are called cheat days, we spent more time in the plane than anything else. :P

There are many things i discovered on the trip.

1) Toilets in europe are not as bad as those in China.
2) I still don't like bus rides.
3) Chocolates are better from Europe (^_^)V
4) Eastern Europeans such as those from Slovenia should learn to be less culturally sensitive or at least learn better english. No one likes to be called "un-human". They had hard-boiled eggs for breakkie and the western way to eat this is to put it in little cups and crack the shell on the cups. The malaysian way is to crack the eggs using whatever hard surface and peel of the skin. The lady manning the buffet in that hotel in Bled ( beautiful place though ) told the people in my tour group, that is an un-human way of eating. That hotel is getting Duck Eggs from me in terms of service.
5) GTT ( this is not a ad for them ) certainly takes us to better food places compared to the Chinese tour agent i follow for my Chinese troupe. Good thing is, most people speak English on my tour... *Yeah!*
6) People don't smile alot in europe... Aussies are more smiley :P
7) Dogs are even cuter there. So many small breeds there!
8) I don't suffer Jet lag
surprisingly. Everyone else was pooped from the long haul and their tummy's were adjusting to the time difference... but i was ok... ... this is weird.
9) My relatives are weird. Every year i travel with them, and i come back saying they are weird. However, each year i still travel with them. i must be the weird one then.

Anyway, i will be posting pictures later. I should show you the desserts i managed to eat there. Awesome! :) That will explain the piggy-ness of me.

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