Sunday, 28 October 2007

Home made Yam Cake

Saturday lunches are a big thing in my family. Where others prefer to keep it light or eat out, my family usually lunches in. This the only day where ( besides sunday ) get to eat as family for lunch. Other days we are working and it's just dad and mom alone. It is also becomes mom thinks we need a dose of a home cooking every weekend to ensure all the eating out toxins are cleared up. :P

So naturally our saturday lunches mean a lot of work to mom. She will put all her efforts in making saturday lunches something special. Sometimes it is her fishball noodle, sometimes it's Ipoh Hor fun or even Mee Siam.

However, this saturday is her specialty of Yam Cake. For lunch you may think? But in our family Yam cakes are not for tea but as main meal itself.

Squashing and Mashing in action - that's mom.

She buys her yam from the local grocer and one thing i noted with this dish- there is a lot of pounding,squashing, steaming and mashing involved. Normally she kicks me out of the kitchen because i am what they say... " the one that makes more mess than helping" hehehehehe. Ok-lah, i am dishwasher most of the time.. But she doesn't mind the photo taking cos she seems to think she is a cooking celebrity! ( Too much Asian Food Channel ) LOL...

The ingredients include pork, lots of fried onions, yam, he-be(?) all mixed up and steamed in a big steamer. No pictures of steaming in action... was doing something el
se at that time... And .... what do you get?

The end product

To me, the key ingredient besides the yam, is the fried onions that gives this dish the added flavor and aroma. Aahhhhhhhhhhh if blogs can have scratch and sniff ...

This is best eaten with some home made chilli sauce. In my case, drowning in home made chilli sauce. I normally take about 6 pieces of this before declaring tank is full. Leftovers can be lightly pan fried to give that extra crunchiness.

I wonder whether i can request for Hor Fun next week? (^_^)V


  1. you're really lucky :) your mom is such a great cook! Can request for different dishes some more! I'm drooling over the yam cake.

    U're right. If only I could just at least sniff the aroma!!

  2. Wow, the yam cake really looks delicious! Hope I can take a bite right now, haha! I'm sure it'll taste really good with chilli sauce.

  3. So lovely, I wish I could taste those lovely yam cake..... I can have them the whole tub!!!:)

  4. Hey neko, great yam cake you have there. Do you still work in KL Sentral? Can I ask you something?

  5. Hi all, apologies for not replying- was tied up with work

    Christine: hehehe, yes am i and she is a great cook. Next time if you all have pot luck, i can take orders, hahaha.

    Sugar Bean: yeah, i forgot to take the chilli sauce pic. It's actually a special recipe.

    BBO: Thanks - but all credit goes to my mom. I am just the camera girl. Wah whole tub? very filling leh..

    Bacterium: Yes am at Sentral- as long as the question is not weird ones i am ok- why not gmail me below. My reply may not be fast... work is pretty crappy now.



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