Saturday, 27 October 2007

Comfort food-Ham Cheen Peng...

Since this is Saturday, saturday should be reserved for comfort foods. Foods that remind you of your childhood or just makes you smile when you eat it. For this saturday, it's Ham Cheen Peng. Fresh off the stall in USJ10.

There is something about this brown fritter, with a hint of cinnamon in it. ( i think ). I like mine plain, but sometimes i will buy the one with red beans inside. While my dad fancies Yau Char Kwai, i prefer this one. Though i don't say no to YCK either. ;)

Must be eaten warm and tastes good with Chinese sweet desserts as well..... mmmmmmmmmmmm...... Anyone wants one? :)


  1. i really miss Ham cheen Peng lots! Miss lots of food these days. Food blogs had became my reminder to my most missed food! btw.. thanks!

  2. bacterium: a bit. Not very salty

    christine: Yeah... since food flogging,i manage to find some of the food i missed as well. Dun worry, quite sure ham cheen peng will pop up along your food jaunts



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