Sunday, 21 October 2007

Ho A1 Steamboat- Sounds like a SPM result .....

My... what big eyes you have .... said the yam to the prawn

It's about high time i give my makan crew(s) an introduction. What? You think i eat all these food on my own? Good food = good company :) plus you get to eat so much more if you have more people.

I actually have 2 crews. I would like to call Crew 1 pork lovers crew but then i realized Crew 2 are also pork lovers... So- they stay crew 1 and crew 2. Today' it's crew 1 intro as i haven't written up a post with Crew 2 yet.

Crew 1 consists of:
Lil' Bro- yes my own little brother who is a foodie. A rather quiet foodie. He never really says it is good only way you measure his appreciation for food is the number of helpings he takes.

Tifa - yes, the very same tifa of Final Fantasy. She is a BKT lover. However she has sensitive tummy so she is much more particular of food then the rest of the team.

Jiraiya Sama- Tifa's partner in crime. We realized that day he's not into vegetables. *horrors*. He was gleefully dodging vegetables during the ordering only to find out he doesn't like veg! Another pork lover and a super huge fan of Initial D.

Posh ( Mashi )- Oh.. this girl is the ultimate foodie of the team. She has eaten much more and sampled the more unusual stuff compared to the rest of the crew.. In japan, she went wild in the isetan supermarket :) lolz... I was the rather cool one with a polite "eeyieh-kekko desu" to the sales people when offered raw sea urchin..

Becks ( Posh Hubby ) - Another quiet foodie but now warming up to the crew. We just discovered he should be called "rumor king" for some seriously outrageous rumors we heard from him.. lolz

We've been eating together for almost a year so i think this blog post is a big thanks to them as well. Some of the eating sessions kept me sane during my more stressed life in the earlier part of the year. :) thanks guys.

N-E-W-A-Y. Since coming back to KL, i sort of got jelak with western food and Posh has been raving about the steamboat near her house. So we made arrangements to go to Ho A1 Steamboat in Taman Danau Desa. She says the fish slices are to die for.... I want to try the one recommended by Cass next time. As soon as i figure out how to get to Klang!

For those who love fish head- in the day time- Ho A1 actually houses the woon pin fish head noodles. Well, i am not here for fish head noodles...

We ordered plain soup steamboat and called for the "extras" first...
Ah the extra fish and extra dumplings. We cooked the fish first to make the soup more yummy. What do i think about the fish-.. Quite sweet but the skin really freaks me out for some reason...*eeps* The dumpling gets my two paws up..

Anyone wants to impress me next time... just give me a plate of this.. Pork balls!! All of us had round little eyes when this dish came... I don't know why but this is our all time fav for every steamboat we go to.

The soup was a bit tasteless initially but when the fish cooked and more ingredients added- it was getting much more tastier... For those who like garlic, they give you some sauteed garlic in oil to add to your soup. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ii nioi ( means nice smell in japanes

Good steamboat must have good sauces especially chilli, but this one was quite hot for my liking. I still prefer HoHo's sauce.

Okay, so here is the main plate... Lordy that looks large.................. But actually it is built up by the vegetables underneath it.

Add more stuff into my bowl prease....

Can't remember how much it costs but it was not that expensive and not too cheap. Just middling. I don't mind coming back here again- it is a little bit cleaner and safer than Ho Ho in Sri Petaling. But then. I eat all sorts of steamboat anyway :) This gets my return trip ticket :) More pork balls please!!

Ho A One Seafood Steamboat Restaurant
Jalan 1/109F, Taman Danau Desa
Kuala Lumpur


  1. Haha, I really have to agree with you that the name sounded like SPM results. I don't know where this place is but I like Ho Ho in Sri Petaling too!

  2. I am so with you on the fish's skin..I can never take it...always give me the creeps!! Yeeks...:P

  3. Sugar Bean: Hmm... u know desa water park? Some where around there. Not too difficult to find. AH!! Another HO HO fan :) That is so far my makan crew #1 fav steamboat

    Christy: Hello! :) Yah , i was the only one who didn't eat it.. yish.. i still have the heebeejeebees thinking about it. Drop by more often

  4. the portion that they give is quite plenty. i do drop by once in a while as i'm staying at a nearby condo.

  5. Quite a nice restaurant. Day time they have fish head, and night steamboat. Good combo.

  6. Quite a nice restaurant. Day time they have fish head, and night steamboat. Good combo.



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