Tuesday, 23 October 2007

In a god forsaken land....chinese food is rare....

Er no, it is not one of my melodramatic posts like before but it is actually a recommendation post. Bacterium's comments on good places to eat in KL Sentral got me thinking maybe i should lament about the lack of food on a blog and maybe more people will open up restaurants :P

I think most of you may have figured out i work in KL Sentral areas... Yeah, yeah food is lacking here. In fact, my first few months here, i actually launched a bring-food-from-home campaign as good food was pretty difficult to find. B-F-F-H is actually you tar pau left over from your home lah. Then bring to office *lolz* To be honest, eating the food at the KL Sentral main station had me running to the toilet more than twice. I am not dissing the place but my stomach is a bit more "delicate" compared to other people..

Unfortunately i don't have pictures with this post, i do know another famous blogger(s) is eaten at some of the places in KL sentral - so i will provide the links and you can see first hand for your self.

Where are all the Chinese food if you are working in KL Sentral:

*new* Hot off the press- we have CHAP FAN finally available in Plaza Sentral block 1B.
Where: in the lower ground floor food court, next to sizzling noodles shop. You cannot miss it... because the Q is very long! We are desperate for chinese food.
What this shop offers
1) Chap Fan of course! Variety wise- i counted there are about 10+ dishes which is not bad
2) CCF- Chee Cheong Fun with YTF ( Yong Tau Foo ) 0.80 cents per piece. You can take it with rice noodles if you don't want and the offer curry sauce as well as sweet sauce.
3) I saw they fry noodles as well but not sure of what variety

I tried their CCF today- the noodles are a bit thick and not very smooth but the YTF is nice. We likes.......

Other famous food in this FC: Ah, if you like HOT HOT CHILLI, check out their nasi kukus. Though i have not really tried it but some of my colleagues have given the paws up for this.
What's good: It's cheap and if you need a quick meal, you can get it from this shop.
What's terrible about eating here:You smell like food after eating here and it stinks of cigarettes. It looks a bit dodgy as well.
Standard of cleanliness- So So only lah Don't eat there. Tar Pau.

Restaurant Sentral- in chinese i see it as Chung Sum
Where: Jalan Brickfields same row as Sin Kee at the corner

oOhOho...... This one got air con.

Also selling similar stuff as Sin Kee but without mun fan. You have a lot more noodle varieties here as well as standard rice.

However, some of their noodles could be better. Example, Wat Tan Hor. I have eaten some pretty superb Wat Tan Hor and when i ate in this place i expected it to be of higher standards. It didn't really get my top marks for this dish. However, their fried noodles were not bad.

Now they fair better in the rice dishes. The XO pai kuat wong was good but small!! GOOD for me but for my 2 fairly huge guy colleagues - they said it was a whimpy serving!

What's good: Reasonably priced, aircon and a tad more variety here. And. No cranky waiter like in Sin Kee.
What's terrible about eating here Like Sin Kee - loh, need to dodge the traffic to get here. And not good for big eaters. Can be slow at times. They are still practicing multi tasking.
Standard of Cleanliness: Good
Aircon: Got...

Restaurant Sin Kee - Jalan Brickfields
This is a small narrow restaurant that has now expanded to a 2 story restaurant upstairs and downstairs

They have a pretty wide range of chinese food and their 1 speciality is MUN FAN. It's a one bowl dish with lots of meat,veg and rice of course. Very hearty lunch that i never really tried because of 1 thing.... CANNOT FINISH ON MY OWN. The men gobble it up eagerly but since too much carbo makes me sleepy i normally pass on this dish.

Now, this shop has noodles as well but PLEASE don't ask the head waiter for "variety". He ( of no PR skills ) will blatantly tell u he has only 1 type of noodles and not to ask for anything fancy. But their 1 type way of frying noodles is quite good and i normally call for this when i am there.

Other famous food in this place: They are pretty much good with most of their dishes. If you like desserts, their Hoi Tai Yeah ( sea coconut ) drink is good!
What's good: It's cheap and it has PORK. Need i say more.
What's terrible about eating here* CRANKY waiter, gets crowded by 12:30 and a daily risk to cross that road from Sentral across to this shop
Aircon?: Got... Upstairs one.
Standard of Cleanliness: Good

Restaurant New Lay Sin
Lordy this is a really porky shop. This shop is famous for their Pork Mee. Daily troops of people come here to eat their pork noodles. It is corner shop in a rather small and HOT shop. Besides the pork noodles, their Banana rice stall is also pretty good.

You can give the other shops a miss ... argh they are not that nice

What's good: It's cheap
What's terrible about eating here: So gee darn hot you thought u went to hell and back
Aircon?:In my dreams.
Standard of Cleanliness: Don't ask

So... this are the first few main makan places for chinese food in Sentral. Next post- when i am in the mood... the other side of Sentral eating places. Perhaps got pictures in the next post... :)

Anyone who has good places to share, please add. A bit thanks to LL and Eating Asia for the pics and links.


  1. Hey there, where's Jln Brickfields?
    Is it the road along the monorail station?

  2. Loads more chinese food in Brickfields, dear. There are the coffee shops near YMCA (I call one of them the Lido kopitiam) which serves great char koay teow and pan mee. And then there's Woo Lan in the far end of Brickfields at Jalan Scott that does good dishes. They're both featured on my blog under this subheader:

  3. Restoran Sentral or Central? Too many tables and too little chefs lar, go there at 12pm to be truly safe.

  4. Well, at least you don't have to worry about transportation there.

  5. Actually, lets meet up one day for lunch together. Since your workplace is not that far away from mine. ;)

  6. That road is really difficult to cross. Whoa. Were sitting ducks for cars zooming pass.

  7. bacterium:
    - Yes :) Along the monorail. guess you figured it out since you crossed the road main road. Dun kill yourself crossing- got skill's the sentral surviving skill.

    LL: oOh.. must try the woo lan one. Thanks thanks! Yeah i go to YMCA once in a while. Pan Mee is my fav.

    Joyce: Sentral lah... i think...wait. i check later. yeah too little chefs in that place. BAD BAD multi-tasking.

    Sexy Beast(Tankiasu):
    I drive liao-u know when u used to hear LRT breakdown news? Me always stuck inside. So i started to drive. But it is really convenient though. Yeah, let's met up. next week better- am working in TPM for this week.

  8. Err, has anyone died before when crossing that road?

  9. Bacterium: er not that i know off... why?

  10. then what is sentral surviving skill?



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