Sunday, 21 October 2007

Interesting Sights of Europe - Part 2

Salzburg - Part 2
Geez, I wonder what is the most popular and famous thing in Salzburg ( besides Sound of Music )...... Mozart of course!! Here's his house in the heart of Salzburg. This is actually a 4 level apartment and he and his family ( mother, father and sister ) lived in a 3rd floor. Sorry - no pictures - there was a big "NO PICTURES ALLOWED" sign inside :( Few things i discovered.....

* Mozart must be very fit - every day had to climb 2 flights of steps to go up to his house.
* He must be really amused if he is alive now to find out he has a chocolate named after him. i was like "eh?" o_O? Btw - i didn't take the picture below- linked it from one side. Lazy lah to take today.

It is surprisingly famous. When i brought it back everyone went "aahhhhhhhhhhh, mozart chocs"... some how or rather i felt i was living under a turtle shell for a moment., how come everyone knows it is famous except me? hmmmmmmm.

Well, how does it taste like? Actually it is very delicious. With a coating of dark chocolate outside and pistachio paste inside - it is the most unique taste. It does come off tasting like liquer initially but i am told it is not. (Ok... jakun me) Btw- the CHEAPEST place to buy this is in the supermarkets NOT the shops they take you to buy it. I got mine for about E
uro 2 where else the speciality shops sell it around Euro 2.50...

Actually Salzburg turns out to be my most favorite place ( er.. no pun intended ) because of the colors and sights... I wandered around to the main market and i was a happy little camper there... FREE FOOD TO TRY!!!!

There are ample fruits and vegetables available - so much more than the variety in KL or even in our more branded supermarkets. See the bottom part of the picture - that's fresh walnuts! :) I was amused.

The flowers there were lovely- i manage to catch this picture of a sunflower... 'kirei'

While walking around- i sniffed "meat".... oooh.......... i spotted this stall near the fruit shop.. Long sausages being grilled. These are pork sausages of different mixes- pepper, or with other herbs inside. You can request it with bread or just ask the vendor to cut up in bit sizes and eat it. Yumz..... costs about EURO 2.

Ok, not to be outdone, next to the sausage vendor, there was a cheese and preserved meat vendor.

The tall bottles on the left are actually schnapps - some liqueur that the Austrians seem to like. But what i was interested in was the ham! :) see the packs next to the Schnapps bottles? Yummy. They are all pre-packed and ready to take home.. I did my puppy dog eyes to my dad but he was firm - NO PORK to be brought back. Eat what you want here :( Sigh..... Anyway, there were free samples so i pinched some from there. And all types of cheese were sold here. With little samples available next to the different cheeses, all you do is just try them and they will cut the ones you like. *burp* after walking around this market i was pretty full.

Anyway, next post- the final salzburg food wrap up. Btw, I only spent 1 day and 1 night there... I just made sure i used my time fully there :) Want to end this post with a pretty picture of some flower that i took in Graz... fuzzy and pretty...

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