Thursday, 25 October 2007

The hidden restaurant of Ninja Jones

If you don't take a card- i will shuriken you to death

Do you know, the japanese character for NinJa- or the Nin portion 忍 means to conceal or hide? Well... ninja jones lives up to that meaning.

For some strange reason, tifa, lil bro and myself think Northpoint is the same row as the Gardens... but NO.........................ON the other side of Northcourt MidValley... So we parked in Zone A ( horrors ) and walked all the way to NorthPoint. Dumbos.... *hahahaha*

Further more, we had to look for the secret entrance. Hahahaha. This one was fu
nny... Me and my brother stood there in front of the door wondering how to open it. So we stood there ... for a few minutes... staring at the door. Only when we step a bit to the front... door opened... magically.. *lolz* It was a auto door and a lady cheerily greeted us in mangled japanese. The irrashaimasen- sounded a bit strange to me.

Now, through to the name of being a ninja- or Shinobi, the entrance of Ninja jones leads you into a tunnel where you will be brought up to layered floor. It's hard to describe - but for those who have been to Meiji Castle in Kyoto, it is something similar only lesser size and with a little bit of modern settings... when... suddenly..... i saw my ninja. And i laughed... I found it truly amazing to see a dressed up ninja. Carrying a tray of japanese food. Sigh. No photo of the ninja though. I SHY to ask the ninjas running around.

This is also like my ultimate restaurant fantasy.... I actually like Japanese Anime a lot and i am following a cartoon series called Naruto, which is based on Ninjas. So this was like living my ninja anime fantasies all in one..

After i got over my initial obsession with the ninjas, we finally placed our orders.

If the food is not tasty - slash the waiters or ninjas

Got bored waiting for the take picture of anything in sightThe Cooking bar- watch your food cooked in front of you.

Despite being ninjas, who are speedy and silent, they are not very fast in terms of service, think we waited about 20 minutes before the stuff started to arrive. Luckily there were the 3 of us there to kill time.

The 3 of us, are not adventurous japanese eaters so we normally stick to simple and some what conservative food by japanese standards... however .... we went for the slightly off normal that day by ordering.... tea rice? or Chazuka. It is actually cooked rice, mixed with green tea and served with toppings. We picked salmon as the rest. On top of the rice, they had finely sliced seaweed and chopped spring onions. You get pickled ginger with this as well.

I must say this is an acquired taste. It is actually pretty bland but if you are like me, not into salty food, this is actually quite pleasant. The mixture of salmon and tea is actually quite a refreshing combination. My brother calls it the dish you eat when you are on MC. Uh-huh...

Now, naturally sushi is required, so we went for the all time favourite... Spider maki roll. My this is a pretty dish. First time i have seen sushi wrapped with bonito flakes. And i like the little fish egg on top of each sushi. I didn't get a good shot, but surrounding the sushi, there is a spider web made of some sauce. Taste wise, not bad. I like, anyway..

Spider Maki

I love close ups!! :) Pretty isn't it? Work of art

Tempura moriawase ( hope i spelled it right ) was next. Also very delicious. No complains from anyone.
Since eating grilled mackerel in teriyaki sauce @ Mizu, i cannot resist insisting we order this. True enough... everyone was going "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" after the first bite. I wonder why i never called this earlier before. Thumbs up as well for this dish.

Karage was ordered next

Don't be fooled by the humble fried chicken. Japanese fried chicken is tastier. And some how to my imagination.. less fattening? I wish...

Surprise dish of the night from Ninja Jones. We thought that this was not a spectacular dish just ordinary udon with kimichi but to our surprise, it was really good :) Tasty soup, goes well with the kimichi, lots of vegetables and just enough noodles. We liked this one and quickly polished up the pot of noodles.

Greedy us had 3 types of ice cream, pistachio, black sesame and chocolate chip. This is tifa's first time trying out black sesame.... She was like O_o.... To her it was strange but she got over the initial taste of it and enjoyed her ice cream. She, however, took a fancy to my pistachio and soon was whacking my share of it. We should have just exchanged the ice-cream * hahaha *

Now, some points, i feel the portions are pretty small here as well as slightly more expensive in some other japanese restaurants you may find. I also found it odd that gyoza and char-han ( fried rice ) was not found here. Would be great if they had that here. The stories about this place being over price? Well i guess it is what you order. NJ has a range of specials that are pretty pricey but if you like to try different things, then price shouldn't be a factor here.

I definitely would like a second go at this place. Perhaps next time i will overcome my shyness and snap a picture of the ninja! *flings shuriken*

Ninja Jones,
A-G-5 Ground Flr,
Northpoint, Mid Valley City
1 Medan Syed Putra Utara


  1. I like this restaurant but I find it a bit expensive too! Their food was quite ok! A revisit would be good I think! :)

  2. I saw this before, at Northpoint, while we were there looking for something.

    Nice place!

  3. sugar bean: yeah! i really think it depends on what you order. i am definitely going back there again.

    bacterium: have you been there? should try!



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