Sunday, 23 September 2007

Do-Re-Mi-Fah-So & letting go...

The past few days are like a mad rush in getting last minute preps for my trip and helping ff scan pics for her wedding. Contrary to what my daisy path says- ( that's when i found out my dad booked our trip for 24th instead of 27th), i am actually flying off to Vienna tomorrow night. Somehow i should be excited but i am actually a bit.. stressed right now. The trip was supposed to help me destress and not increase the stress.

Stressed because..... i feel guilty leaving work ...........argh............. workaholic again
Stressed my 3 fellas at work going to manage well? Can they cope?
Stressed because...... urgh........ my mailbox is sure to bomb when i come back
Stressed because... do i have enough clothes packed? Did i leave anything out?? I feel as if i am like going with an entourage! 7 pairs of pains, 3 bags! ( 1 hand carry, 1 luggage, 1 camera bag )... am i trying to beat paris??

Funnily enough all my stress is related to work.. what the? i need to let go. the office won't die without me. they just take longer to finish that's all. Frankly, i am looking forward to being away from the office. No foul ups, no laziness, don't need to put up with people who like to "taichi" their jobs away.. i don't need to think of solutions for others.

For once, there will be no 24 hour on call thingy, no need to look at lap top screen, no need to read thick documents and most of all... no big bosses bugging me. Especially when they pop up at your cubicle with the sentence "So, neko, how's things with.... ?" For 2 weeks, at least :)

I still need a life anyway.... Ok people out there, you take care :) see you in two weeks. Hope neko relaxes on her hols. And lots and lots of food shots i hope. i hear there are 56 people on the trip. Malaysia invades Austria i tell ya...


  1. Thanks - don't forget me in the next hunt :P i have better slippers then!

  2. Envy envy...anyway...have a nice and pleasant trip!

  3. To Precious Pea: Thanks :) am back now... got lots of pics to show of eastern europe food.



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