Sunday, 9 September 2007

Lexis Nexis hunt & The queen of koon ( sleep )

I went for another treasure hunt again this weekend. This time with TimeOut solutions with the LexisNexis hunt. This is the second time i hunted in lexis nexis and believe me... i think i am jinxed out in this hunt.

Last year around, i went with another group, where part of a team was a couple. They decided to have a cold war during the hunt which kinda spoiled the mood for everyone... >_<. After that, my personal no-no: Never never go on treasure hunt with couples. But i broke that again this year. Well. At least they behaved themselves. Still. I am wary about going out with them again. This time a round, it is an all 3-girl team. Boy, was I stressed. Not only you have to make up for the missing 4th person. It doesn't help when the CoC has a whacked out sense of logic. To top it off, my favorite slipper rosak! Ok, i shouldn't gripe on the CoC- cos there are people who scored almost perfect points. I have now a more longer lists on areas in KLS that should not be part of treasure hunts:
  1. USJ
  2. Bangsar - got horned and poned many times here.
  3. Hartamas
  4. Cheras! (Especially leisure mall area)
  5. Taman Tun - terrible jam
  6. Federal highway should be avoided as a route as much as possible.
Well, looks like i have to try harder next time. Only May Ching had luck yesterday, she won a lucky draw hamper with *gasp* 12 cans of STING. o_O

On the other hand, i think i finally had a glimpse of this person called Michael Pang who linked my blog to his. He came in 11th place in the Open category. Congrats to them. Should have gone up to introduce myself :) All the masters were at this hunt! *Urayamashii*

By the time i actually got home around 4+ i was so so so tired. After dinner of steam fish head, i popped into bed at 8:00pm and kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooned tilll 8:00am in the morning. Now ... tell me if this is not a koon queen or what? My mom tot i was seriously ill, my brother ... tot i was a pig. Hmm but then i felt so rested after that... :P

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