Sunday, 9 September 2007

Delicious @ Bangsar Village II

I am a recent fan of Bangsar :) Despite the jams and the lack of parking, i find this place full of places to eat :) and to shop $_$ ( much to my dad's annoyance ;) ) Since i work about 5 minutes drive from Bangsar it is only natural i take my 3 staff here for lunch. We have worked very hard as a team for the past 6 months, so i thought i will reward them with something yummy to eat. Plus give them a ride on my new car. I think they think that is the highlight of the day besides the food.

Now... to my surprise - my 3 staff ( all guys ) have never been to such places. *blink* So when the menu came- all 3 were like "what do i order?" ---- i blinked some more.... So i told them anything is possible and no restriction on budget... The other two happily picked the pastas from the menu while the other one deliberated another 5 minutes....

Staff 3: what should i eat ah?
Me: How about duck? i hear their duck meals here i good
Staff 3: I don't eat duck leh...

Staff 1,2: ha? Are u chinese, how can you not like duck?
Staff 3: I am... but got smell lah..

Staff 1: How about the nasi kerabu then?
Staff 3: Aiyer doe want lah- chicken only

Me: ......................................

After about 5 minutes, he settled for the seafood pasta..... Ok this same conversation was repeated when he went for drinks.... Staffs 1,2 were already loosing patience with him after that... So... men can be equally picky with food. *grinz*

Anyway, food came pretty quick (before the drinks!) so what did the 3 of us order?

Neko's rather healthy gado-gado

I was rather healthy that day, so i decided for a salad and asian one to be exact. Well. It came with fish crackers... It was not bad. I wished for a bigger plate though as it was difficult to stir this dish. It came with a hearty portion of egg, potato ( 1 potato to be exact ) and lots of greens. And the sauce...... yummy! I am a fan of gado gado since my aunt ( who is indonesian, used to cook this a lot when i visited her in singapore when i was younger )
Staff 1's carbonara pasta

Good review from Staff 1 but a bit jelak once it gets cold. It was surprisingly a pretty large serving even for a strapping guy like him.
Staff 2's Crab linguine

Thumbs up from him as well. He was one of the few in the group that is more adventurous with food. Even requested for Chinese dim sum in the next round of food outings. (He's malay so normally i don't suggest chinese(halal) food in case some of them may not like it ). To top it off, he had marsmallow and hot chocolate in a cup to close the meal with.

Finally- staff 3... decided on seafood pasta. A safe and quite tasty choice. Came with a generous helping of prawns, tuna, octopus and there was some mussel i believe. What was his verdict? Good.. Oh finally...

Staff 3's seafood pasta.

The lunch everyone with a good feel that day, it's good to bond with staff this way sometimes. Good food, good ambience ( they were fascinated by the bird cages in the place ) and of course .... i paid lah.. ;) si tau por mah.

Delicious by Ms Read,
Ground floor of Bangsar Village 2
2, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. i just love spaghetti, i should really try them out one day. the carbonara pasta looks delicious to me. i heard that they serve good desserts too, u should try it out too! :)

  2. Yeah, when i am not stuffed with their main meals!! hahaha. maybe i should just do a dessert trip.



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