Thursday, 13 September 2007

Nagomi Shabu Shabu

Ah.. shabu-shabu, japanese steamboat... i think. Same concept right, have pot, boiling broth, put veg, meat.. wah lah...meal. Hmm.. yeah.. some what.

There is this place in Jaya33 ( just opened ) that has Shabu s
habu. After our hunt briefing, Walking Contradiction, MC and myself were hungry and we needed to plan our hunt...... after checking Oriental where the prices were o_O. Looked good but... o_O

Walking Contradiction frowning at her phone.

So we settled for this shabu-shabu restaurant on the ground floor called Nagomi. Now it is a shop with a small door and i thought it was a small shop inside. But no, the small door is only a front.

The restaurant was pretty empty, so MC was... "why so empty one?" since w
e are lazy to drive out, we had to settle. The waitress was pretty helpful in suggesting options for us... but when i looked at the price for one set... i was like o_O..... One Wagyu beef set was 99+ ... chicken set orsoe RM40+ double o_O.

Since Walking Contradiction stuffed herself before that with her remaining 1foot sandwich, we ordered the special set which is 2 chicken shabu-shabu. Comes with 1 veggie dis
h, 2 ice macha, 1 tray of sushi (with 5 items ) and comes with 2 rice bowls as well. On top of it, we had salmon carpaccio and softshell crab roll. Enough to feed the masses.
Picture of japanese soya sauce

So let's get straight to the pics... of food...

Overview of the dishes - just for 3 persons onree.

Japanese shabu shabu is cooked slightly different from the chinese style one. Cook veggies first to get the added stock flavor- so instructed the waitress. We dutifully did so.. Add onions etc.. before adding meat...

The meat comes in a lovely display like this. It is chicken meat by the way and in th
e center is minced chicken meat with some added ingredients i cannot make out. Right in the middle, an egg(?) The ever so helpful waitress proceeded to mix the egg with the mince chicken meat together to make chicken balls.

Mix, mix, mix

Once she finished mixing, she actually made small little balls of meat and proceeded to fish it into the hot pots in front of me and MC... The strips of meat, according to her... is supposed to be "swished" in the hot soup. being so finally sliced it is suppose to cook pretty easily. I dunno man..i swished about a good 10 times. HEHEHE i like my meat cooked throughly.

While my food bubbled away, time to attack the other stuff as well.

Soft Shell Crab roll. Good!

Salmon Carpaccio

Since the last outing in Cilantro - i have a thing for Carpaccio.. So we ordered the salmon one. Pretty tasty this one and not very cheap as well. Here is a close up of what they put on top. The little eggs on top were yummy!

Ok, final dish before i burst, it's the sushi set combo. We didn't manage to finish this as it was pretty filling for just 2 of is to eat most of the stuff.

Dessert was 2 green tea ice cream with red bean topping. Sorry no pics because we scoffed the lot :) before i remembered that i needed to take pictures.

The bill came up to about RM100+ for us. Which to me is pretty expensive and pretty filling. Plus this place is halal. It's those place where you come once in a while and not frequent often. And for the ramadan period, they have special offers if you want some thing less fried, less oily during the break fasting period.

Nagomi Shabu Shabu is located at:
PG-02B, Ground Floor,
Jaya33, No 3( Lot 33)
Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46400, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 603 -7956 2330


  1. thats one unsightly picture of me frowning at the phone (was so busy fighting with these ppl from Macy about my curtains....)

    Do you have other pics from the night? and also the day pictures from hunt?

    The carpacio damn nice, unfortunately thats all i pretty much ate, cos i was too full! :D

  2. I have been eyeing this place for quite some time, pricey for sure but dunno good or not. Thanks to your review...maybe i should go try it out.

  3. Joyce: aiya, didnt read the part you wanted photos... ok ok, will load up.

    Pea:Try carpaccio. Fresh.. :)

  4. is this place any good? thought of trying it out this weekend. is it recommended?

  5. mekurukito: It's not bad. Price is quite expensive though.



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