Monday, 3 September 2007

Neko was in heaven - after a slice of heaven - Mille Crepes!

I have been meaning to try this place in ages!Food Foundry! Yes. Sigh. Every time i wanted to something crops up. Now, lil bro is not a fan of the food here because he says it used to be much better the last time. Some how it is not as good now... Ok... but then, i wasn't interested in the main meals- more of the D.E.S.S.E.R.T. Mille crepe has also been avoiding me for some time. First in malacca, and several times in KL. Gosh, what does a girl do to get mille crepes.

So, after quite some time, mashi and i had a girls lunch out on a Saturday. I must say, i was excited. For many reasons.... 1) driving baby to Section 17.... Nervous driving my new spanking baby there. 2) MILLE CREPE... ( AM i hyping this too much?)

Food foundry is located where my old primary school was- Sri Damai. Now... there are some spooky stories here about this school- but.. another blog another time. i want mille crepe. (Repeat 100x)

Now the menu in FF has a variety and they are pretty hearty from my perspective. It has a combination of western as well as local. I heard the nasi lemak is not so bad as there were several orders being placed for this from other tables. I didn't feel like nasi lemak nor anything local and neither did mashi. So we ordered something more.... unlocal.

Mashi went for pasta- Mussel Vongole. This is a suprisingly large serving of pasta, with lots of capsicum and some mean looking Mussels. I call 'em mean cos i don't like shell fish. I tried some of the pasta- thumbs up! I would say you need to share this if you are doing lunch for this because it seems to me that it is pretty huge.
Vongole from Food Foundry

I can't make up my mind what to eat as i was a bit full from the Roti Canai in my earlier post, so i decided to go for bread. I chose the moroccan chicken sandwhich with ciabatta. Ok lah, the chicken was tasty but the bread could have been a bit more softer! I have this bad habit of not eating the edges of bread - so in the end, my plate was full of bread edge

Moroccan Chicken Sandwich.

And ... 10-10-10 .... the piece de resistance- my mille crepe!! I chose the vanilla flavor and it was shared because both mashi and myself were a bit full. One bite of this and you know that song that goes "heaven.... i am in heaven" ? started to play. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok i like it. Love the creamy bits and the vanilla smell. I HAVE to admit it is a bit filling though- this little slice of thingy can be a killer on your tummy.
vanilla mille crepe

One more shot of the beautiful-ness. *gigglez* sigh.. i cud do with one more.
LiL bro heard alot about this and wanted to try some so he got the following below:

Lil Bro verdict: Nice but very rich. He still finished it anyway.

Ok- you want a review- i lazy to link other people, just google man :) lots of bloggers have gone here. i am just the slow one :P

P/S: If you want to make neko happy- just give a her a slice of heaven. Instant *lup*

Location, Location, Location:
Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7955 3885


  1. food foundry? never heard of it and thanks for sharing! another cool place to check out :)The vanilla mille crepe looks yummy! the food looked inviting too!

  2. Hi Christine- thanks for dropping by... yes, the mille crepe is yummy! Should try! The food is so-so but then go for the mille crepe



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