Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ghost Whisperer.

Okee- non food review... i am addicted to American Series, besides the Japanese series. And one of them which i am following pretty much is Ghost Whisperer(Besides, heroes, house, prison break, grey's anatomy) ... Ah.... Is it like the horse whisperer?? Er. No. There are ghosts but no whispering. Sometimes the ghosts comes out pretty loud and clear. On top of it, now is the chinese 7th month ... i think watch it during the day time ok? i scared myself silly one or two times at night. But - it is not as scary as those thai ones.

I started watching Ghost Whisperer out of boredom but then it turned out to be pretty addictive. The reasons being:
  • Melinda(JLH) has a fantastic dress sense. Not to mentionm quite a spectacular cleavage. most of my guy friends grab the dvd of me just because of that. muhahaha. Theory: Maybe that is why all the ghosties are showing up at her door step. No?
  • I like spooky stuff. :) Do you believe in "crossing over"?
Cleavage a side, the show does has some serious topics. Melinda is actually a person who "has" the ability to "see dead people" - ( think six sense ) Ghosts to her are people with unfinished business with this life and cannot cross over to the light. She helps them finish this unfinish business- resulting in her or others thinking she is a bit of a whack pot sometimes.

Other times- some ghosts don't want to cross over and decided to stay- working on the "dark" side. Hmm... sounds like another show.

Anyway, each episode sees her trying to help people cross over to the light. However, there is a build up in each episode to the final. There are a group of spirits that are not happy with her helping people cross over. Well, someone is always not happy with what others do.

It's a good watch if you have nothing to do, sometimes it is also pretty sad - especially on areas in which you may feel close to your heart on. So give it a go if you like spooky stuff.

P/S: Anyone watched Discovery's A haunting- about the one in Taiwan... Now that... is scary!

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