Sunday, 23 September 2007

Neko does French Food-Ma Maison@Pesiaran Ampang

I have never been a fan of french food mainly because
of Snails and Brains. I don't know who told me when i was a wee lass that french people like brains so at that impressionable wee lass age, i was aghast. However, since meeting Mashi- i think my food experiences has been broadening. Besides. if i don't like snails- don't order loh......

Ma Maison is situated in the nook of Pesiaran Ampang and it is suprisingly a pretty quite area to have a row of french, italian and spanish restaurant. That pretty much covers part of europe in one row. The shop feels like those old fashion parlor room, dark ( but not dank ) and cosy!! ooh. another place i want to make my house look like. The owner greeted me and mashi with a big smile... hehehe such friendliness at a restaurant. Plus we were the first customer for lunch! (Note: this is because some one wants to pig out on the pate )

We took the set buffet of RM28++ which consists of free flowing salad buffet and a main. Now my first impression of the buffet was like those you see in hartz chicken buffet but no, everything was nicely put in plates, bowls and basket. And such a variety of choices. Between mashi and myself, while waiting for "becks" we had 4 rounds of the salad .... Some picks to show you what we took. To betrand if he is reading this- i so love your salads!!

Round 1- Tuna Pasta, Bean Sprouts, sausages and celery, carrot slaw, chopped tomato with cheese on a french loaf

Round 2- cheese pudding, leek marinated in some sauce, garlic bread, apple salad, pate and caramalized onion on french loaf.

Round 3- more caramalized onion on f.l, more apple salad, garlic bread, and some veggie i cannot remember the name- BUT VERY VERY NICERound 4- egg and mayo (sO sO nice), more garlic bread, purple cabbage, lovely egg and potato combo and tuna pasta

Since we got the set lunch, our main meals came. I think i sort of regretted it, cause after 4 rounds, i was feeling a bit full.

My choice of Black pepper meat balls.

Lots of fresh veggies and sliced baked potatoes and the sauce goes extremely well with the beef balls. Top choice.

Mashi's Salmon Pasta

It's far better than some salmon pasta outside. This is though creamy, you don't get the jelak feeling from eating it. And the salmon chunks are nice :) However, Mashi could not finish this as our rounds of salads were already quite filling.. Luckily Becks came to save the day. To finish up the rest of the stuff. (^_^)V. One thing i noticed, this is the first restaurant i came to where the food is served on warmed up plates. You don't get that a lot actually.

While waiting for him to finish, I noticed alot of people just came here
to eat the salad. And most tables were already packed by now and the most popular from the restaurant is definitely the salad buffet.

Anyway mashi and becks were eye-ing dessert by now. It seems that Ma Maison's chocolate cake is to die for. And every visit they came, it was not available. We decided to give it a try and ask Betrand if there is any... and he said "yes it is available today!" *ting, ting, ting* - we struck lottery today. I believe the name is Cake Azizah. It's a chocolate fudge cake with lovely vanilla cream to accompany it. I also like the way they decorated it. Luckily the 3 of us shared this slice as i was really bursting at the seams that day.



Super stuffed after that. Definitely worth a visit again and ... i will be more realistic. I will take the salad next time and just that. It's about RM18 just for the salad. To me, that's just value for money! Speaking of $, note they only accept cash. No credit card. Just in case you are first timer like me.

Ma Maison French Restaurant 32, Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-4256 5410

Other people who went to Ma Maison's: Lyrical Lemongrass


  1. delicious! worth a try rite? ;)

  2. yeah, but if you are going for lunch, the salad buffet is already enough- dun stuff yourself like me that day >_<

  3. Round 4 looks delicious. I suggest you try Boeuf Bourguignon with potatoes and carrots sometime. Just wonderful ! By the way, I'm not very fond of snails either :)

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