Thursday, 23 August 2007

Spider Bite Me, I bite Spider back

These few days were not a good day. Me lousy luck came back and was pretty stressed on Wednesday and today. Worked till 11:00pm on wednesday, turned up to work looking panda-ish. The day got from bad -> worse -> worser and then catastrophic. :( I promised Walking Contradiction to go with her on a hunt briefing but didn't because of a work problem - *gomen, gomen *

Anyhow, i had this little bite on my arm over the weekend that became a full blown volcano over the past few days. I am allergic to insect or Arachinda bites. Ant bite, my skin will turn red and swell - plus i will itch till death. Spider bites, skin turn purple and swell - with pus. *Gross*. Mosquitoe bite- same thing, red and well then itch.

Guess, what.. i got spider bite. Yes, small spiders do nip you, no pois
on for some but then.. something in then that makes my skin flare up...


I left it unattended for a few days till the pain become a throbbing pain and i can feel like got "beating" in the lump. Lol and behold - it became the above... Doctor says abscess is developing underneath it... Whoopee............

So the doctor said i should eat this over the next few days:
Me is thrilled........................................

I smacked the spider that bit me. *WHACK* *SPLAT*

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