Wednesday, 22 August 2007

If i could escape ........

Love the "parental advisory" tag

Wooohooo................wiihoooooo tell me who does not know the opening phrase to this over played song?? :) On 21st August - ms stefani came to KL !!! I was quite looking forward to this concert as i havent been to one in ages. The last i went to was er.. 98 degrees?? ( aiyer... so old )

Well walking contradiction and myself booked the tickets a month back - i remember queuing up for this as my company offered 10% price reduction for staff. I also remember the bit where my boss requested me to buy the tickets for HER kids and ask me to sit next to them.. (eh???) -... we slinked up to them pretending not to know them.. but on my way back, my boss smsed me "still talking about work during the concert? my kids guessed the two people next to her were company x people??" ... hmmmmmm was i talking about work? hehehe.. hope the kids didnt tell her i was yelling & shouting throughout the concert.

Concert day today was a blast. I have never seen so many people before at one place and the queue to go to your seats were like .. endless. But suprisingly everything was well organized. Though it was pretty warm, dinner was just a ramly burger, but ended up , a damn good nite!

We also discovered a new sport- waving to other friends on the other side of the stadium and trying to sport them.

Gwen is not a fantastic vocalist but a very good performer! Truly a good night, ended up yelling and shouting :) All stress - bye bye

Now i heard justin is coming next..... anyone up for another concert?? [ damn- should have gone for the Rain one ]


  1. Oh you went to the concert too huh? ;-)

  2. yaloh.. heh? where u there?



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