Sunday, 19 August 2007

Russell Roundbottom & Infestations of the Alien Kind

Though i have had a lot of fooding recently, my blogs have taken to a non food blog these 2 days. I promise i will load more food blogs BY today.... I have been playing around with my Canon Powershot S3 recently. Since Europe trip is round the corner, i thought i will get more practice with my camera... So what better way to practice then to try it out on Russell ( my temporary BF ) and the stuff around the house. Sigh, he proves to be more of a handful than i thought. Apart from Camera licking and face licking, jumping up to my lap to sit was one of his idea of fun.

In the midst of cleaning my old car, i found alot of pictures of Mei Mei when she was younger, so i am going to scan it and post them later.

Of late.... my house aquarium has been infested. Yes, infested.. Not with mosquito larvae but these FUGILY looking snails. They are not EDIBLE by the way. Neither are they of escargot shape but looking more like bali-tong(?). Here's a pick of the fugily snails in the aquarium. Please excuse the PLEASE REGISTER sign ( hehehehe ) but i was playing around with the watermarking tools this weekend.

Fugily Snail

My job now is to 1) identify the location of the snails 2) make a lot of noise when i find it and Neko Otousan will dive his hands into the aquarium to fish em out. They eat all the plants in the aquarium, leaving the plants full of holes. And the fish is less than impress with the snail invasion.

Since my hands are extremely short.... Dad is the only one capable of thi
s fishing expedition. I have at the moment caught 20 of this little buggers. Or rather Dad has. I don't know where they sprouted out from but... it's UGLY and annoying...

Secondly, Russell has a new nick name now....It's RUSSELL ROUNDBOTTOM... Sounds British doesn't it. Really hoighty-toighty. The roundbottom came up because Russell now weighs a fat 9kg for a dog that is not even up to my knees. When he sits down... he has that "fat-bum" look... . He can be such a sweetie at times but.
then not for long... So far, he stays lock up during the day because he has messed up everyone's slippers while roaming the house.

Now what is he crossed with? Still haven't figure it out yet.
Prison Break: Russell Roundbottom (Left), Comet - back facing us.

This shot got everyone in the house laughing. Russell, unlike most dogs, have protruding chin, leaving him to have what chinese call "Toh Kap Ngar". His bottom jaw just juts out. Something we never noticed when we got him initially, however, that is his trademark cuteness. Comet, in his usual position. Back facing me. This is the house my dad built for Mei Mei and Comet when they were puppies. The strong reinforcements is because mei mei has the ability to bite through metal.. Russell, unfortunately has also inherited that ability... *sigh*

Oh woe's me.

The view of the world on the owner's lap

The stress of being so cute.

Good Grief, i itch. Shower me!

Russell- and his round bottom.

Hehehe, what to do? He so cute. Anyway, more pics of russell can be found on my flickr link. So click it to visit the world's first "toh kap ngar" dog.

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