Sunday, 19 August 2007


No, not the movie...... But of late i have been getting a lot of strange phone calls a few particular numbers. The person keeps calling but puts down after like 4 rings. Initially i thought it was a randomly dialed number. Or it cud be like me that day giving people my prepaid number wrongly. But no. I caught one of the calls and there was someone behind it... Just didn't want to answer when i asked "Who is this?"...

Now from calling, the person started to SMS after awhile.

What did the cat do after that?
1) I smsed back - "i know who u are........" - then the smsed stopped
2) When the person rang again - i yelled " i am calling the cops you @#$%^^... stop calling".... acting like a psychotic cat myself helps.. my parents were blinking at me when they heard me yelling this one night.

The calls/sms have stopped... Why do people enjoy doing freaky things like this, don't they know making phone calls like this COSTS $$$ to them?? *hmph*


  1. Something similar to that used to happen to me. Was a 016 number. So what I used to do was pick-up, then leave the call on for as long as possible. The person hung up soon enough and after a while, stopped. Let them waste their $$$ la. ;) Not your problem.

  2. I agree with Am...let them waste their money. Next time, pick up the call but don't say anything, see how long they can let the call run! Buwahahaha.

  3. Good idea both of you, but so happens my dad picked up the phone last... he fog-horned the person.. we were all deaf yesterday - but hey.. the ringing stopped!!

  4. Ahahahahaha ... your dad rocks!!! :)



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