Sunday, 26 August 2007

Return of the bad luck?

I had a minor accident on friday..... while going to meet Walking Contradiction, MC & NY for our pre-treasure hunt pow-wow.

Was on the main road in near tv3, the traffic was pretty heavy and people on the road were being their usual indecisive self trying to go left and right and not decided on a lane.

A driver in the lane next to me decided it was good to go the right ( lane where i was ) causing people to suddenly break. Seeing the car in front of me break, i breaked too. The car behind me must have not been paying attention or driving too fast, could not break in time, so he hit me.

The car behind him could not break on time, hit him pretty hard, and he hit me a second time because of the impact from the car behind him... Poor Car had things falling out after the accident.
Car's falling out back light

Car's poor bumper had a gap after that...

Sigh.... need to mandi bunga already.......

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