Sunday, 26 August 2007

Neko Goes to PD- Atmah 2007 Hunt

I remember the last time i went to PD..... I didn't like it. So this time when I did go back to PD.... I was expecting a bit more. The thought of having .... mmm the famous seremban siew pau and beef noodles was exciting! Er.. not so didnt happen but other good things happen.

This is my second hunt this year! Return of the hunts... i participated in
a external hunt this time around- my last hunt externally last year was pretty much a disaster so i was a bit more hesitant. Worse of on Friday, after our hunt pow-wow- i was skeptical on my abilities - after reading Pava's sample questions, my brains were er... stumped. 80% of the question were anagrams...... I even read the questions up side down to figure em out.

So... skeptical neko ended up at KLGCC at 7:00am in the morning blurry eyed - and hence we started the hunt. Firstly- it started off @ hartamas- wah.. worse place to hunt. We caused a massive jam there as hunters, when they hunt - normally forget they are not the only ones in the world. The hunt took us to PD where it ended...

Man ... it was a tough tough hunt. My brains were wrecked at the end of the hunt trying to break anagrams. The initial hunt we didn't do too great, but 1/2 way through we picked up. I must say i was proud that for the FIRST time, we manage to actually get almost all our treasures and scored the vital points for us.. I didn't make the same mistake as I did in our internal company hunt where by i bought the treasures the last.

Then.. it was time to check in..................Ok.. PD is still full of CRAPPY hotels...
Check out ours....

When we were going up to our rooms- lol and behold, they were still cleaning it. 1/2 hour later, we still had wet room floors. It is a very strange shaped room that- i don't know how to describe until you see the room for yourself.
Looking for anagrams in the sand - the neko

That night was - was result night and i was a bit anxious actually...... but hunger over came me and started to wallop my dinner. No pics folks, doesn't warrant picture taking. We were entertained by this guy who had general knowledge quizzes popping up every now and then which i tot was kewl. Quite refreshing actually than the usual hunt entertainment. And we found out that... ALL OF US - suck at general knowledge. *hahahaha* terrible actually - even got points docked off the table events... We also manage to win small prizes for pop quizzes that came up the way. NY, was a champion, he won the 7*7 times table game!! We ... were on a roll that night...

Finally- the main event- hunt results and ... 10-10-10.....(say it out loud) - we won first prize!! :) in the novice category!! You can see the results in Micheal Pang's blog - neko's name is there :) Hehhehehe me so happy! Our results, i must say - if we entered Open, will be 7th place against the legends in Position 1 and 3. In fact i even got to meet the hunt grand master "sifu" as he is known
Chong Foo Seong. The only weird bit... how are we going to share our 1 single prize of a 21" tv amongst the 4 of us? NEWAYS, i am quite happy that we got first place. :) I can't wait for the next few hunts.

The only thing is ... PD is lacking of good food and is TOTALLY er boring, we drove back the same night instead of staying in Bayu Beach.. man... it only took us 40 minutes to get back.. and 7 1/2 HOURS to get there....

Thanks to Walking Contradiction, MC and NY for asking me a long, it was a great hunt :)

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  1. ah, the signs of good luck has cleared up the bad luck!
    thank you anagram queen...!!! (Kedai Gambar Oscar)



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