Saturday, 4 August 2007

I would like to retire and be a tai-tai

Working life has really gotten from bad to worse these days.. sigh, i spent most of the time fire fighting, then er ... starting some fires on my own. My boss was less than impressed recently with me... At 5:30 pm today, i was really depressed... and had to pop a durian dodol to get a quick sugar fix and feel much happier... ... ( don't worry- no smell one )

I envy people who
  • could go home early,
  • who don't need to bring work home,
  • who don't have too much work stress
  • who don't have to worry about how to run a team.
  • easy get other people to do their work
  • Master the art of tai-ching - i failed this big time
  • Who don't have the responsibilities.
  • most of all, i envy people who enjoy what they do
Ironic isn't it? Yesterday, a close friend of mine says that a person whom i can't get along with in work envies the fact i get promoted pretty fast. Ironically, i envy the fact, he can go home early, no work stress, mastered the art of tai-ching. Arent we all walking contradictions.....

So... maybe i should quit... look for rich hubby... sit down and shake legs...... Any takers? I can cook... :P

Well, i am out of internet space over the next few days, going back to Ipoh. Ja-neh... mata aimasu

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