Friday, 3 August 2007

Cendol, Sarawak Laksa & Asam Laksa? Jonker88, here we come

More posts of Melaka! Guess where i went some more? After all that satay babi, one needs to work off the fat man.... So after eating that pork from Sun May Hiong, i wanted to walk walk walk (translated shop, shop, shop) ... Hence i dragged Tifa, Ero-Ero and LTC to Jonker Street. Melaka is a really good place to take photos cause there are alot of things that catch my eye. Old architecture, funny shop signs ( this is because we hunted too much, every thing had an anagram, double meaning)
and really interesting things i don't see in KL.

Well, anyway, I saw this sign! Was pretty excited because this is the place they filmed that show staring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng... Unfortunately, i was the only one excited... no one cud remember the show :(.
After all that satay... i was thirsty... means got MSG somewhere, so let's eat..... CENDOL!!! Guess where we went? Jonker88. It's hard to miss this place ... why? Everyone was queuing to go into this shop. Must be good lah, so we made a bee line here. I cud hear Tifa saying she wants to sit behind etc cause it was stuffy. From the front i thought it was just a small shop but after squeezing the tiny front door and walking along the way... wala..... i saw this at the back of the shop... oooh.... i feel i went back a few decades...

Do you think any of these still works?

The concept here is order your stuff in the front and move your way back to the back with your order. Btw, the place not only sell Cendol ( in different varieties ) but also Asam Laksa, Curry laksa, sarawak laksa... and pineapple tarts....

Ero-Ero and Tifa did the ordering, as usual i am the designated table reserver. I thought we were only going in for Cendol but they came back with two bowls of Cendol
, Asam Laksa and Sarawak Laksa. My eyes popped. It's not very big but i was already very very full from the satay. Or so i thought....

I love the Cendol here. Thick with Gula Melaka, it some how makes it more fragrant. And they really use really fresh coconut here.. mmmmmmm. One of our treasure hunter colleagues, heard us raving about the cendol here, after the Oh-Chien that night, he came back here and had two bowls... Talk about pigging out!

Ah... the sarawak laksa. I thought it was a cross between Asam Laksa & Laksa Johor. Hmm... not bad.. i like.... I also like the Asam Laksa but it never made the pictures because it was a popular dish amongst the four of us. Larkee only order 1 bowl each. Neko pengsan, eat so much. All the yoga give back teacher already.......

It was actually quite an amazing makan day.... I knew that when the organizer said "come back for dinner at 7:30", he meant it in a half hearted way.
  • We snacked in the car a lot since it was a hunt trip- no time for stopping to eat.
  • After our day 1 leg of the tour, dumped our bags and went to Sun May Hiong to eat stay babi
  • Then drive over to jonker street to have Cendol, Asam Laksa and Sarawak Laksa.
  • But wait... there's more, after that we had Popiah, then tasted pineapple tarts
  • Then back to the hotel for fruits and vegetables
  • The out back to eat Oh-Chien...
I am amazed at the people in my company. When it is comes to food, we are crazy, every where i went, i meet my fellow colleagues queuing here and there for the food. And then strolling back to the hotel for another round of food!! hehehe.. some carried on till late at night... Little did we know the food in the next leg of the hunt sucked! Well... That is another post another round :P

How to get to Jonker88? Hehehe, again click KY'S link! Coincidentally, both the places we went to is the same... ah.. Neko does not need to remember addresses then...

Argh.. when can i go melaka again? *drools for cendol*

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