Sunday, 5 August 2007

Food Republic, Wisma Atria-Singapore

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, i feel better after some Ipoh TLC from Grandma and Aunt plus some family bonding time. What will i do without them... To be honest, i slept most of the time in Ipoh as well, so that could be the reason I am feeling a bit better... Or is it the Yoga that got me going again..

Well, i have to stick to singapore posts this week, cause i left my other drive in the office ( with all the melaka and other pictures :( ).. There is this japanese restaurant in Singapore i wanted to post up but .. it will have to wait.... Let me tell you how expensive kopi tiam can be in singapore.... :P

This is the day we were going back to KL, we decided to have a
nother breakkie round with Tifa, FF, her hubby (CG) and her cousin ( nice girl! glad to have met her )So TIFA suggested Food Republic as a venue. This time around i woke up the earliest! neyeh-neyeh-neyeh :P... so with my trusty map and MRT ticket, i hopped on to the Outram station train to Orchard Road...

Note to Self: Sunday is a very packed day in MRT.... all the maids and all are havin
g a day out.... At one point, i felt i was blending in with them.... ... luckily the rest came other wise this cat will be upset. Plus... my coffee withdrawals were starting... eyes were a bengkak and head a spinning...

Food Republic is actually a more up markety food court in Wisma Atria along Orchard Road. It houses a variety of food but we decided to eat... yes, kopi-tiam food at a place called Toast Box. Looking @ the Q of people, this seems to be the mo
st popular place to eat in that area....
Now, i was not very impressed with this place ( not because of the food or service ) because when CG ( ff's hubby ) tried to take photos of the activities behind the counter, he was told off by one of the ladies working behind the counter.... I mean, Kopi tiam way of working is no secret... dun have to be so "par-pai" mah
The menu at Toast Box...

We ordered the sets so, here come the food pictures...
My order of Thick Bread with Kaya.

FF's rather oily order of Peanut & Toast

Toast Bread with butter & Sugar

How many of you all remembered that dish of Toast Bread with butter & sugar? mmmm.... i remember this dish, at one stage when i was younger, i ate at least 4 pieces of bread just because of the sugar!

Each set we ordered, we got coffee of our choice and 2 soft boiled eggs. I didnt take pictures of those - cause it i was just lazy then. :P

How do i rate this place? Food wise ok-...Kaya is the same where ever, though i feel being malaysian, i like kaya with strong pandan smell. It's about S3.20 a set, which they say is cheaper than those at the old town kopi tiam.

Hmm... think i will come back to try other stuff at Food Republic but not toast box. Interestingly enough, i saw a shop selling kuih tutu there... hmmm.... anyway, those curious about food republic... they are even in wikipedia... wah...

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